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Message Subject DO jewish people realize that the god they worship are anunnaki aliens?
Poster Handle Krime
Post Content
Do you?
The old testament is from the evil god aka anunnaki whereas the new testament is from a divine being named jesus

people like paul and ezekeil are evil beings
[link to xeeatwelve.com]

extant Bible that Yahweh encouraged, condoned and sponsored are taboo and considered savage today. However, the deception, vengeance, hate and jealousy that Yahweh encouraged, condoned and sponsored in the Old Testament are still in vogue today.

Judaism, with its monist approach, made Yahweh responsible for all the good and bad things in the world, including the Adversary. Thus, according to Judaism, both good and evil belong to God; evil is but a negative aspect of God - His shadow or dark side that falls on the Hebrews when they offend Him. This view is clearly exemplified in the Old Testament as in the book of Isaiah 45:7:

I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I the Lord do these things.

Thus, the Hebrews believed that all the things that happened in people's lives occurred according to the will of their God, Yahweh, the one and only all-powerful creator of all things who represented both good and evil. The idea that evil represents the shadow of God continues to influence many people today. Consequently, moral evil - that which occurs when a human being knowingly and deliberately inflicts suffering on another - is attributed to the dark side of humankind, which mirrors the dark side of God. No wonder there are many who resist the concept of absolute evil and claim that there is no evil.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21990230

Amitakh Stanford right?
ya i recognize the link title.
you do realize shes full of shit on alot of her ideology right?
alot of her shit is stolen from the Scientology Xandu shit.

read: It is finished, and The King Arthor story of hers and realize its the same freaken story almost.
also, she calls her ex-husband a "reptile" yet she married him.
she also thinks of herself as "mother goddess".
shes quit deluded.
however, she is very smart, and i believe she holds degrees, but what shes smart at really is leading the public to follow her false ideology mixed with her own theology.
she knows history quite well (except some like King Arthor) and knows how to twist it and add Anunnaki to it in a way that seems resonable, but all n all its bullshit.
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