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Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
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Hey Everyone...

There is some catching up to do for me here but at the moment I'm just checking to see if I can post at all.

Something happened tonight in direct relation to what I posted earlier concerning the EQ precursors we are experiencing, I tried to post a new thread just now with what we feel is extremely important information and needs immediate attention however the thread will not post. No warning is being given concerning banned words, links, or sites, it simply will just not post.

If this post works then I am going to post what I put together on this thread and I would ask that someone here please copy and past it to a new thread of their own and then post the link here.

Thanks a million

 Quoting: siniXster

if this might help. i had a ending dream about 9 month ago.

(last 10 mins of dream state or so).

let me put as much as detail as possible. (Help remembering parts.)

First im outside going back home from the street i usealy take, i don't know where i went, but i am on foot and it'S summer! blue sky.

i Hear a distant thunder like noise, then BAM. frigin loud!

10 seconds later the ground start shaking like if it was small peice of paper. The street get cracked here and there, but nothing to prevent anyone from using a car.

i was stunned. i run faster to get to my home, a minute later i get in and my sister come in slighly after me,( with her car).

my parents are there watching a news report,( i don't pay much attention).

My sister get in all sweating breathing heavyly and saying.

- Guys, what happened in Egypt... well, it'S happening here, RIGHT NOW!

my first reaction,was. What? WTF happend in egypt.

She started saying orbital bombardement, then we hear another distant thunder, fallowed by the same loud BAM. however this time there is no ground shakking.

We rush outside and go in the park next to our house to look at the horizon.

We can see i High rise Dust cloud about 20 kilometers from where we are located.

The dust cloud is very thin and makes a flat top cloud with debris falling back down. We don't see any projectile hitting the ground thought, we just see the dust clouds rising!

about 30 seconds later. 20 to 25 high rise dust clouds emerge really close one to another, in about 1 to 0.3 seconds delay between each blast!

Blast are all localised! like if it was a high precision strike, from space.

After analysing the dust clouds, most where brown and black. very few were white and blue.

(white and blue is impact on water, assuming it's an orbital bombardement).

Then after that moment i get transported, more like Remote vision from the bridge near the city of montreal in QC. Jacques Cartier bridge.

From that point of view, i just witness building freefaling one next to the other like if there was no ground below the builduings! i woke up slightly after that! (about 10-12 building collapse.)

Since i did not see any projectile comming from space...

im thinking of sinkholes! but how can sinkholes not appear randomly! why hitting a specific location! Why so much precision!

then i realised this! i just was scared shitless! listen bellow

here is the Exact image i had as RV while in the dream state.
[link to www.dam.brown.edu]
 Quoting: Blitz the storm-striker

i thought of it to be quite important.... well. maybe a little. at least worth a read!
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