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Poster Handle Jeremiah
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Its quite intrigueing to see all these sudo-scientific finds we have aquired over a period of time. But at the end of the day it is the people, and then there are the elite... And there are only two ways to fool a man. A.) to convince the man to believe what is NOT true... or B.) to refuse belief in the absolute truth. I am actually a 23 year old young man. Irish descent. My blood line sur name is o'hanradain which is derived from the l'aoime celtic tribes of ireland... which in irish folklore and gaelic mythlogoy we are descendants directly from danu's womb e DANU is the same goddess as the egyptian goddess isis... Their were 13 strings of famillies that were born unto earth from these "gods" or superior beings... and they evolved and inter married and have changed the names... but the answers are there for all you who seek some type of antiquity in your bloodlines... unfortunately NOT NEARLY 5 % of the world today has any type of remote blood line connecting to these famillies... as said before according to folk lore these famillies were put here to guide and teach the young people.. i was born with AB(-) blood... i have strawberry blond hair and flaming red facial hair... im 6 ft 2 and 200 lbs even... light colored blue eyes... and have an i.q of 158. i dropped out of school in the 9th grade and have been introuble with the law numerous times... ive been quite unlucky in life politically speaking... but naturally im more fit then all my peers. and havent contracted a common virus since my childhood... i remain quite intuitive and quite honestly dislike man... people period... they are un just and animal like to me... no sense of loyalty... or ambition to seek knowledge only logic... it depresses me... to wake up and everywhere you go... everything you see... is pure iniquity... beauty in the beholder... but you feel lost because you know you are far from home... i mean c'mon antartica and the north pole.. and the equador all used to be lush and vibrant... full of life... what wouldnt make u believe there are deadly viruses harnessed in these ice caps... or in rivers under the sahara... its been fore told we have been on earth for over a 100,000 years... as far civilized and advanced technologically as we are today... and we have brought upon our own demise on 4 occassions and had to transgress into a state of subconcience of a child... and rebuild everything... the heavens(cosmo's... space) has a completely different base of laws and regulations to earth itself... a pole shift... disrupts the biagnetic affect in earth allowing a mass emp like event ... hence the bibles term of memory loss to a cataclysmic event... your brain is a circuit board made to be wiped clean... some grew to remember the events... its a known fact rh (-) blood groups... are more intelligent and intuitive... curious... and less prone to sickness... naturally physically apt... different diets texture of hair and skin... the feramones we give off even are enhanced... the list goes on... but at the end of the day all these secrets we desire... are the same secrets that god punished man for in the behinning... the fruit of knowledge... gods secrets... (the ability to harness atoms, and to tamper with matter and anti-matter (the very divine and destructive power of a black hole) the ability of immortality .. not the kind where u cant die just u cant age... all these things were gods secret knowledge that we at one point had that gift the knowledge and wisdom of.) Quite honestly all secrets lay within your own brain ... your own memory bank... (dejavu... intuition) you just cant accept your own origin.
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