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I just found this thread recently and was interested in more information... I have started noticing the morgellons symptoms but without the large legions and colored threads. Mine are cotton like and could be mistaken for hairs if not looked at under a magnifine glass.They pull out VERY easily unlike a regular hair coming out of the folicle. I have also been a cosmetologist for 15 years and around "hair" enough to know that these are different.Many of the other symptoms in OP's original list are present, espically the annoying little eye floaters! However they are MILD at this point.

I am Very spiritual and had my kundilini activated back in 2004 around the time I experienced a Near Death Experience where I actually had a heart attack and died then crossing over to "the other side". I choose to come back and since it changed my whole perception on life in general, which is a common thing for people who have had an N.D.E.

I have noticed in the past few years I have not been or felt as intune as I had been previously after I awakened. I did come back with a few abilities that were enhanced which I had not before but they have seemed to either became more dormant again or I am just used to them by now they arent as noticeble... IDK but I have the same type blood as the above poster (AB-) and am seeking anyone who may be able to answer any of these questions.

I have heard that this morgellons thing (thru this thread) may possibly be a good thing for those of us RH negatives in a way they find out later this is just part of their lightbodies activating so they can accend so is this something I would not want to try and "Cure" per say?

I have heard a few different things that have helped Morg sufferers. The Maricle Mineral Supplement (MMS) as well as Collidal Silver and Potassium Iodide can alleviate and in some cases rid of this bug. I cant tell if what I have noticed going on in my body, is going to eventually turn into something much more worse? For example, what I have seen with other people with the huge sores covering the body and immune system shutting down, eventually leading to a painful physical death. (Which is one way of accending in a lightbody, if desired I guess) or if this is just the process like others have stated leading to a positive transhuman like transformation that can allow the body to accend without the actual physical stages of death? Does anyone understand what I am trying to ask here? It seems I am confused about what I should do in regaurds to if I should start to take action in trying to prevent what is happening or let it ride and see if things get worse before I make a decision. I heard the longer you wait the longer it takes to cleanse your system....

I would greatly APPRECCIATE ANY more information anyone may have in regaurds to ANY of this please! Thank You Sooo Much!hf
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