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I'm 21 years old and recently discovered I am RH -N. Like many of you I'm sure a lot of things that you didnít really think about before, oddly make sense now. For example, I never had a blood test due to never being seriously ill in my life... Through my research into similar topics I came across RH -N blood symptoms and bought a home test kit to confirm.

During the last few years I have suffered many of the Morgellons symptoms listed here but mainly ignored them and attributed them to my 'depression'.

However, around the time I started reading about RH -N blood groups I developed intolerance to lactose (due to me starting an office job and drinking a lot of milky tea, from barely consuming milk at all...).

After cutting out dairy (milk, yoghurt, cheese) and only consuming organic free-range eggs I lost over 1 stone of weight. I soon became vegetarian and gained more energy which lead to more exercise which in turn, led to more weight loss and reduction of pain, digestive problems and Morgellons symptoms in general.

My experiences have led me to believe that the hormones, antibiotics (which kill gut flora) and god knows what else is pumped into livestock, aggravates the problem and makes recovery almost impossible. You may be consuming material from an infected animal.

My advice, and I hope it works for you as it has done me, is to: greatly reduce meat and dairy consumption, buy organic where possible, drink filtered water (no fluoride) and drink green tea to fill yourself with antioxidants to aid the healing process.

I still get trails behind the eyes, the odd random fibrous hair but my energy levels are back up, my digestion is normal and my head of hair is growing out to its normal soft state.

I hope this was helpful; any opinions/experiences on using diet to help cleanse and aid recovery in Morgellons sufferers would be greatly appreciated :)
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