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Poster Handle MissionInvisible
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Alright smart GLPers... I am AB- Rh-. I feel like shit! I am 33 and I hurt...
Muscles have never hurt so bad, skin is losing elasticity, headaches are horrible! I have extremely itchy legs and have been treated for scabies (no chance in hell) I am 110lbs and have always been extremely active. I have no energy and want my normal life back.
You guys tell me the steps you feel would benefit me the most. PLEASE!
I currently take vitamins b12, d3, e, and melatonin sometimes at night. I also take hydrocodone (30mg) throughout the day just to get up and function. Have never had a lack of energy, but can't seem to do ANYTHING to get back my energy.
So I'm asking for help from the people I trust (mostly)
 Quoting: BFE

I can recommend a few things that helped me...make sure to research and learn about them and obviously use your own judgement as to whether or not they will help you, some of these are for the morgellons type symptoms, others are just for overall health.

1) Ionic foot detox baths

2) Earthing/Grounding mats (for EMF sensitivity) visit earthing.com

3) Parasite/candida cleanse (helped my skin significantly)

4) Epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda, lavendar baths

5) Coconut oil on your skin (very alkaline), some people notice toxins coming out of their skin with regular use

6) Oil Pulling - can really detox you so take this one slow if you are adding it into a detox regimine

7) Salt lamps

8) Magnesium supplement (preferable to have powdered form for better absorption)

9) Greens to help detox and pull heavy metals out of your system

10) lemon in your water (make sure to wash properly) to help assist liver with detox

and look at your diet...try to eliminate gluten if at all possible!

Again, these are just from a personal view, so do with them what you will...hopefully some of the recommendations help you!
 Quoting: MissionInvisible

Thank you, I will hit your list hard!!! I'd give you a hug if we were in person.
 Quoting: BFE

No problem! I've been on a personal health journey for the last few years (the blog listed below is about some of it - I haven't updated it in a while but it does give a little bit of info about me)...I think its actually all part of a shift in genetic expression that is causing us to be more sensitive to energies/physical toxins/emfs (both good and bad) all around us. Morgellon toxins/fibers/etc. is just one of the many factors causing us to be so sick all of the time!
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