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Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
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You are so right Matrix, it will be something Wonderful!

To all of you out there who have a sense of what that is will understand when I say the messages coming are to treat others respectfully and not be abusive in any way to another, for that is not of a higher vibration, it is of a lower vibration.

The negative is a lower vibration, the positive is the higher vibration, love being the highest of all. This has always been so.

Be Love!
 Quoting: RealmLady50

you know there is Love in Hate!

the lowest form of feeling is no feeling at all!

Fear althought being low is much higher then no feeling.

Love and Hate are on the same level playing feild and both are as strong as each others because they originite from the same root emotion!

that root is PASSION! If you add compassion you get love!

If you add Fear of not receiving what you give, in term of compassion. you get hatred and jalousy.

this is why we say there is no duality. it's all subject to interpretation!
 Quoting: monsterrun

Love and hate are not the same. There is NO love in hate.

Love and hate are two separate emotions. The epitome of duality which does exist on this 3rd dimensional earthly realm.
Love creates positive energy while hate creates negative energy. Love is routed in unconditional acceptance while there are always conditional factors routed in emotions as to why humans hate.

Love is a positive emotion and of the light while hate is a negative emotion and of the darkness. Where light exist darkness ceases to exist and where darkness exist light does not.

Not the same at all, not even compatible.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1499647

If there would be no love in hate then hate would just not exist!

Hate is Passion and Anger.

Love is Passion and Harmony.

Fear is the opposite of passion.

Denying your hatred toward something, just because of a preconsived notion of what hate is. Is on it self a total lack of respect for your higher self!

Does your immune system think the same way? Well i hope it does not, because we would not live long!

Parasites need us to pass the the higher realms, we don't need them!

They will lie to you and tell you that you need to love them and let them in your heart in order to cross over... Once youve done that... YOuve infected yourself.

Spirit parasite can not just attack your higher self just like that... This is why we are being enslaved in a Lunar Matrix Energy Frequency. This way they can penetrate your defenses by confusing you and making you think you are Evil and need to learn something.

They make you believe that they are godlike and you are not.. Well remember this.

If we are as pathetic as the mention... Why do they focus so much technology and energy on us non stop. why would they go out of their ways for nearly 35,000 years in a row to make us believe in lies?

Because They need US! WE are gods!

Gods don't have to be careful about what they think! They are gods!
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