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Alright smart GLPers... I am AB- Rh-. I feel like shit! I am 33 and I hurt...
Muscles have never hurt so bad, skin is losing elasticity, headaches are horrible! I have extremely itchy legs and have been treated for scabies (no chance in hell) I am 110lbs and have always been extremely active. I have no energy and want my normal life back.
You guys tell me the steps you feel would benefit me the most. PLEASE!
I currently take vitamins b12, d3, e, and melatonin sometimes at night. I also take hydrocodone (30mg) throughout the day just to get up and function. Have never had a lack of energy, but can't seem to do ANYTHING to get back my energy.
So I'm asking for help from the people I trust (mostly)
 Quoting: BFE

Wow, are you my twin? lol... This is kind of strange because I ACTUALLY have the SAME blood type, SAME age/weight, although have never been treated for "scabies", BUT can ALSO relate to feeling in the SAME ways in which you have described of the lack of energy you have... It's funny cuz when I read your post, I felt for a second like I was the one who wrote it!

Oh yeah, and then at one point, (up until about 2 years ago), I was taking large amounts of 10/325's daily, (sometimes up to 200mg) to mask the chronic pain, I was suffering from. This was due to an array of back injures that developed from being the "very unfortunate" victim of a couple different car accidents, spanning over a few years time period, when I had been hit.

Before I say this, I just want to clarify that my intentions of this post are to share ideas and/or the methods I've tried, which through trial and error, have had some kind of "impact" in my health and that have mostly had a "positive" influence towards my well being. And again, I am offering my experiences because the "above poster" has requested...

Now, I may get some slack for sharing this because of all the contriversory I have read about this subject in the past on this forum... but what really helped me with regaining back the energy aspect, that I felt I was losing... was actually the use of low does of the pharm drug Adderall. This medication is typically prescribed for managing ADD/ADHD and is a stimulant or form of speed.

This drug has also been known to be prescribed for the treatment of "other" kinds of ailments/disorders, which actually, are NOT related to an "attention disorder" itself.
The medical profession, referres to this as what is commonly known as,"off label "prescribing".

I personally have found that while being treated with adderaall, It has been greatly "beneficial", in many different ways. It has helped to elevate my mood, by "snapping me out" of a pro-longed "depression" that I had been suffering from for quite sometime. It worked for me in a way that the methods in which I tried, (such as SSRI'S) didn't. It can increase the serotonin and other positive receptors in the brain, by "uplifting and motivating" oneself, to do things that were once considered a "burden", more "enjoyable" at times.

It has also helped me loose the rest of the excess of 60 lbs of "baby weight" that I gained while pregnant. This has allowed for me to have a "higher self-esteem" return... resulting in an overall feeling better about myself.

However, like other "controlled substances" or "pharmacuticals" on the market, there has been some reported "side effects that can occur from use. These can affect some people more than others. Adderall is a speed-like stimulant and obviously those that have a known heart conditions or complications should avoid it at all costs. It can also be"highly" addictive for some and thus habit -forming... causing "dependency" on it, just to function "normally".

If one chooses to try the "off label prescribed" Adderall route, It is important that patient be and "closely" and "carefully" monitored by a "professional", and also instructed to take "periodic" breaks in treatment so that the patient doesn't build up a "tolerance" to

After I routinely began taking this medicine, I experienced a few rletivley small side effects from it. For example, because it's main purpose is to help people focus on things more easily, I have had tendencies to "get carried away" in doing menial tasks which I suddenly become aware of and have to re evaluate which priorities are of most important at times. It can be easy to get carried away.

I have done much research on the use of of drinking "distilled" water, and found this to have the most benefits for people over most of the other kinds of water available which contains unwanted chemicals.

Collidal Silver seems to help in my overall feeling of well being too.
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