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I've been doing dna and blood research for several months on the net. I just cld not find enough info. So drawn to it like so many indigos I came across. Global blood studies and the finds are so amazing. I found out so many mind blowing things from reading the data. Blood is clearly mutating at this time like never before and the data proves it. What I found interesting was the rh+ rh- factors rheses monkey blood rh+ is related to cromags and neanderthal. While rh- is not related to any thing on this planet. If you have rh- you are followed from birth. Whole families are followed without even knowing it. What's interesting is that many ppl in my family have auto immune diseases and I found many studies from major universities that state auto immune problems are directly linked to rh- . Rh- blood can not be cloned and can not contract hiv. The protein linked th rh+ d and for rh- it's ce. And there are sub proteins as well. There are rh- ce proteins that contain a weak d as well and others as well. But to me that wld indict some how that some are original seeds and some are off shoots of the originals. You know that feeling you have when you just know. Lol Interesting tid bit the Japanese don't ask you what sign you are, they ask what blood type you are. There are many families of Japanese ppl being followed as well as clusters in certain areas of the global as well. Blood is interesting some have the ability to heal themselves. And that wld be me. I have had several medical issues go into spontaneous remission as a opposed to younger siblings who are extremely sick. I think the difference is that I have always followed and amazing Mediterranean diet for over thirty yrs and I wld have to say I do have much spiritual balance. I think that's what makes the difference! I don't why know doctors don't even tell their patients that having an rh- cld possible cause you auto immune diseases. I don't think they are even taught this info in medical school maybe. Anyway blood diets are interesting controversial but still interesting. It seems some foods are good for one blood type while it may be bad for another. I'm ab- and not lactose intolerant while b- is and should avoid dairy . What you eat can be hazardous to your health.

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