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Alright smart GLPers... I am AB- Rh-. I feel like shit! I am 33 and I hurt...
Muscles have never hurt so bad, skin is losing elasticity, headaches are horrible! I have extremely itchy legs and have been treated for scabies (no chance in hell) I am 110lbs and have always been extremely active. I have no energy and want my normal life back.
You guys tell me the steps you feel would benefit me the most. PLEASE!
I currently take vitamins b12, d3, e, and melatonin sometimes at night. I also take hydrocodone (30mg) throughout the day just to get up and function. Have never had a lack of energy, but can't seem to do ANYTHING to get back my energy.
So I'm asking for help from the people I trust (mostly)
 Quoting: BFE

Your general diet oar going to play a huge roll in fighting this, to my experience as well (I seem to be in the very early stages of this thing. Although I've also had the bs 'scabies' issue. Went through that for over a year). This disease seems to sap you of all your energy, so.it's important to replace that energy. Perhaps it's silly to say this (I'm just speaking from a very newly conscious perspectivey) but eat well. Stay away from all the stuff most people on here know are bad for you. GMO's. Aspartame. Maltrodextrin. All that crap that is generally in other crap, that holds no real nutritional or energetic value. Eat organic. Don't let the 'depressive' end of this beat you. Be strong and fight. Also, from my research colloidal silver seems to play a fairly large roll in managing this disease. And I do emphasize MANAGING. Since it seems to me that would be the best we can do at this moment. Good luck with your fight, and stay strong =)
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