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From our files
NOW I want to tell you something! They down here are creating chemtrails to poison the atmosphere to STOP them from landing to be among you all to free your heart minds of the lies [that] they in government of the U.S. use to keep control over your lives. Many that want to come down are occupying humanoid bodies, similar in appearance to the human form, as both male and female. Facial features are more pronounced with very large almond shaped eyes, long hair of blond, black and dark almost black brown hair. This is a body type that was to be used as more excepting of us to the people down here. Not happening, they poisoned the air so they couldn't land; the populous does NOT know this is the reason for spraying, dealing with those of us above us as though we are garden pests.

Why ET use the RH- blood type.From our files
Rh- blood type:
RH negative pregnant mother's body will reject her baby in the womb. Her RH- blood factor fights to the death detecting this as a foreign element.
There are certain similarities that occur to those having RH negative blood who have common patterns found, which include the following:
1. Predominance Of Green Or Hazel Eyes That Change Color Like A Chameleon, Also Blue Eyes.
2. Low Pulse Rate
3. Low Blood Pressure
4. Keen Sight or Hearing
5. ESP
6. Extra Rib or Vertebrae (Belongs to the body of RH-) Eve A: was RH-
7. UFO Connections
8. Love of Space and Science
9. A Sense of Not Belonging to the Human Race
10. Piercing Eyes
11. Para-Normal Occurrences
12. Psychic Dreams
13. Truth Seekers
14. Desire for Higher Wisdom and a Deep Compassion for the Fate of Humanity.
15. A Sense of a 'Mission' In Life
16. Psychic Abilities
17. Unexplained Scars on Body
18. Capability to disrupt electrical appliances
19. Alien Contacts
20. The ability to understand what others are not quite capable of grasping hold of
Now this is what we flying around in your sky that you often like to shoot down first then ask questions later, happen to know about you down here
Eve (A), Liquid Oxygen Blood RH- Type 0: Body type remained true to form [hermaphroditic], UNTIL, a part of this form was harvested with the intent of creating Adam (B). This began as Ra/Marduk's amusement to inhabit.
Reason: Full domination over the Female, hermaphrodites, the rightful form to house the light being. Female-Fe/minine-Male, Mine, I own this! Woman-Wo/mb/Man
Hermaphrodite: Top half a little more masculine, long hair, large almond shape eyes, striking facial features.
Reproduction system: Both genders within yourself outside assistance not required.
What’s on the outside? Mind your own personal business!

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