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I've been doing dna and blood research for several months on the net.
 Quoting: MatrixLNIN11

Thanks for the update OP... Like you, I have continuiously researched these subjects... Rh NEG Blood, Morgellons, and I'm espically curious to find anything I can about the AB Neg blood typed type in particular.

It's a bummer with all the "disinformation" floating around out there, it's hard to decipher which is the absolute truth! It seems No matter how hard I try to go from within, I still can't get a clear perception... I'm going to blame that on the chemtrails and morgellons! lol

It's actually not a laughing matter, but I'm left with no choice but to let it take me down or be "content" knowing I know what "they" are doing to me, and appreciating the fact they are assisting in eliminating me much sooner, from their "contraints"!

To say a few things regaurding morgellons, the colloidal silver has worked really well for me. I found some on amazon for $30 and you get 16 oz. it is also concentrated at 240 ppm so you need to only take a small dose according to your size.

[link to www.amazon.com]

I like to dilute it in a spray bottle and mist my face with it (clears acne) and it's also good to use on abrasions/burns as well.

If anybody has not read this article about the "depopulation agenda", orgin of blood types, RH NEG being "COPPER BASED" blood and not "Iron Based"... Then it is a must read! It even cites the sources of information to prove it's credibility. Just "ignore" the religious aspect of it if it doesn't suit you but I highly recommend reading it for knowledge!

[link to www.unveilingthem.com]

After learning how RH NEG blood is more "copper based" it has became clear to me why the RH NEGS tend to be more affected by morgellons then the RH POS.

You see apparently morgellons is charged by radio waves in the environment...

It uses Tesla technology to pull in energy from its environment (the human body).

It creates a living antenna circuit within the body being sensitive to almost all radio waves.

It is radioactive giving off low level gamma radiation used for power generation.

It was created to be self-generating and to store energy in miniature built-in batteries.

Using metallic crystals it uses radio waves around us to create voltage for power.

It is tuned to 60 Hz, the frequency found in the electrical system in every house!

Basically it is using the energy around us, the EMF in the air to live and grow.

[link to www.morgellonscure.com]

Therefore it would make sense that we are more affected because of our "copper based blood"!!!

Another thing I have learned is that "sea salt" is used in some of the protcals in aiding to rid them from your body and "mineral salt" is used as a powerful supplement. You can use google to get the information. I use a product I found at Big Lots, by a beauty company, who makes a products in a collection called "The DEAD SEA", of shampoos, conditioners, face moisturizers and lotions. Since I've incorporated these into my daily routine, I have noticed a great Improvement as well.

I love this thread OP by the way, and I hate to see it get buried, I have it saved in my favorites so I can bump it up regularly.

I haven't found anything else about the AB- type really, that you have already been able to dig up, besides what I have already posted.

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