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I posted the message below to GLP a year ago and have decided to repost it today since I've been hearing strange cases surfacing that reminded me of my post last year which seems to correlate and is uncanny and way too coincidental IMO. I forgot all about this until I recently came across people showing symptoms that I remember discussed in this post below.

So just wanted to raise awareness and give a heads up to people out there that might known someone experiencing strange SYMPTOMS or have heard about this. I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with this as a precaution so you can RECOGNIZE it when you hear about it or experience it because awareness is the first way to fight the scumbags that created this or apart of what seems to be nefarious... however this entire issue and origin is still unknown as to whether its intended to have a positive or negative effect in the bigger picture. Is this a non-fictional XMEN type of evolutionary virus or a hoax... no one knows, but there does seem to be strange sh#t going on with all this more than anyone realizes right now. BE VIGILANT because KNOWLEDGE is POWER.

Evidently one of the possible anomalies or diseases that might be connected is called MORGELLONS DISEASE which are technically micro-BUGS that are ELECTRICAL...

But it appears to allegedly be some type of a NANO-TECH Virus that affects those with RH NEGATIVE BLOOD and is said to be ALIEN in origin or MILITARY TECH virus/disease of some kind THEY'VE introduced many years ago into the human population possibly VIA CHEM TRAILS or that CHEMTRAILS are somehow also an ACTIVATOR of it.... and seeing how there's more and more chemtrails these days, this may be ALL CONNECTED and one of the purpose of CHEM TRAILS are intended for.

It may be a method of DEPOPULATION beginning with infecting those GRADUALLY who are RH NEGATIVE.

Could this be linked to MASS ANIMAL DEATHS as well in any way?

crazy stuff folks!

These people are EVIL and they are the same group that perpetrated 9/11, control the media the government, banking, etc... they are part of this shadow government, the Zionists and entire CABAL aka ILLUMINATI who are about to perpetrate a GREAT SLAUGHTER upon humans by effecting this ATTACK and WAR upon IRAN which will unleash unimaginable horrors such as WMD including NUKE TERRORISM.

Please read this and I hope all are preparing for this WAR about to commence.




[QUOTE=seeker1111;1059892895]Ori​ginal Unaltered Information from Amalgam 170

First Post:
[link to s1099.photobucket.com]

Email exchanges with ___ members with newest information first:

[link to s1099.photobucket.com]
[link to s1099.photobucket.com]
[link to s1099.photobucket.com]
[link to s1099.photobucket.com]
[link to s1099.photobucket.com]

Summary in my own words:

Amalgam170 posted a message on ___ stating that he is in Russia now, but worked for the US Government, NORAD (in the establishment for 12 years) and in fact the name Amalgam showed up an acronym for NORAD (you will have to Google this yourself, and or see end of post for link) ___ Mod AshleyD confirmed IP as coming from Russia.

Screen grab of OP confirming IP location.
[link to s1099.photobucket.com]

What will happen? A virus will hit that will affect all of the RH negative blood types. In those those people with RH negative, there will be 40% death and 60% development of a super immune system capable of protecting against all types of viruses known to man. The virus will also modify the DNA causing aging to drastically slow down and a higher level of intelligence to be attained.

He said the message was critical so we could know exactly what to be ready for, the governments of the world are hiding the information because of fear of public reaction/panic. They have also been trying to make vaccines since 2009 but so far nothing has been able to stop the virus. The virus was found in Antarctica in an artifact resembling a diamond but with very different qualities (he gives measurements and weight for this) roughly dated to 10,000-11,000 BC roughly the same time as C/2010 X1 (or a subsidiary) was last here.

Article about Prehistoric Lakes of Antarctica containing unknown Viruses.
[link to s1099.photobucket.com]

The virus is currently being stored and researched at a research lab in Koltsovo and is not known to exist anywhere else on earth. Please see bottom of the page to see evidence that such a lab does indeed exist in Koltsovo.

The message was encrypted because he needed time to cover his tracks. He used a simple algorithim so it wouldn't be difficult to decode.

When haters members were confused about the original message stating each blood group would be affected he clarified in further emails exchanges that the algorithim had left out the (-) and he had meant that the only groups directly affected would be the people with rh negative blood type.

The US government has plans to separate the 60% (infected), I'm guessing the 60% that doesn't die, from the rest of the population once the virus hits. China apparently is the only one who thinks nothing will happen.

The last thing we are left with is to listen to 170.20mhz (which was found to be the federal disaster network) from the middle to end of October 2011 when the comet is supposed to pass. He also clarifies that ET is not the main concern and you are unlikely to be abducted and it has nothing to do with the New Madrid Fault line.

Interesting correlations:

State Research Center Of Virology And Biotechnology Vector in Koltsovo, Novosibirsk reg., 630559 Russia

[link to www.istc.ru]

There is also an Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Kotslovo

[link to www.bionet.nsc.ru]

Interesting article with name Almagam and NORAD.

[link to www.northcom.mil]

[link to www.globalsecurity.org]

re: Extra terrestrial thread to those with negative blood types? thread

Hi Everyone,

I meant to come here earlier. I followed this original thread from the beginning till it got trashed and the subsequent thread asking why the original thread got trashed got trashed and now have been posting on the latest thread. You can look for posts by me, seeker11, I have tried there to compile all the original unaltered information. The original info was being erased and all I had to go from was the google cache, which had all the messages with the email exchanges with Amalgam170 mysteriously erased.

Normally I would have totally dismissed this whole entire thing as a hoax, however I had randomly clicked on the title of the Original thread and thought it was kind of funny and interesting so was paying attention. It garnered a bit of interest, around 6-7 pages, and then within 40 minutes of posting the server had a mysterious crash and all of us were having troubles accessing the thread. 503 errors coming up left right and center. Then a major T&C violation from the mods saying that it had violated the rules (because of the post in introduction with the coded text) and later he posted his email for other people to contact him with questions. One of the mods verified his IP was indeed in Russia like he claimed. (I have his email address if anyone wants to contact him).

Anyhow, it piqued my interest because of the messages being mysteriously erased and people who had contact with him and posted the exchange of messages were getting slapped left right and center with forum violations and off topics.

So, I did screen grabs of all the original posts that I could find, and saved them here. Also added a few other posts I felt were relevant to the discussion from the thread started. I've also included the emails of a couple of the forum members who were in contact with him and asked me to post the information for them, ommitted their contact info at their request. Since then it seems like right now he is giving everyone the same message, sort of a copy and paste from the original email exchanges he had with the forum members I was in contact with.

Here are my screen grabs if you would like to do some sleuthing yourself.

[link to s1099.photobucket.com]

They are in order from bottom right to top left, in order of how it occured for me.

Like I said on ___

"IF there's any truth to this, then I don't believe 'they' would try to clean anything up now. That would lend WAY too much credibility to the message. 'They' whoever they might be would probably just hope the whole thing runs itself into the ground.

Also why I felt it so important to keep the screen grabs of the original messages so that it wouldn't turn into a game of telephone where everything just gets lost in translation. If I hadn't gotten the 'proof' of the first posts, this thread wouldn't have had much backing it up at this point. Just a bunch of conjecture and people's scratching their heads trying to remember what really happened.

If it's a hoax, great job done, and great sci fi, I do love a good conspiracy. If not, then I believe I have done everything possible to keep the original message unaltered so people could draw their own conclusions with the information presented, if they were willing to do the work. Because it's all here. "

[link to i1184.photobucket.com]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

and that released on 9/9/11 ?


[link to rense.com]

Symptoms Of
Morgellons Affliction
Material ©2006 Rense.com
May Not Be Reproduced In Whole Or Part
(A comprehensive list of symptoms compiled from first-hand input and a consensus of sufferers.)

You - or someone you know - may have Morgellons Disease and not realize it yet.

Morgellons symptoms fit into many other illness profiles. They may appear slowly and take years to culminate into full-blown Morgellons Disease. And symptoms may occur intermittently over time, appearing to go into remission and then resurfacing.

Symptoms are often rationalized as being "nothing," thoughtlessly disregarded or misdiagnosed. Even worse, victims are placed in the diagnostic category: Delusional Parasitosis.

It is believed that pets also get Morgellons, exhibiting many of the same symptoms as humans, which are sometimes fatal.

For the most part, medical professionals and veterinarians are unaware of Morgellons. At present, no official diagnostic code exists for insurance companies. Research is currently under way. Labs are soon to report in-depth results of their findings.

As grassroots awareness continues, it is sadly inevitable that many more sufferers - both human and animal - will surface. And that's the hairy, 800-pound gorilla in the room.

Our comprehensive symptoms list is compiled from first-hand input and consensus of sufferers.

Morgellons Disease Symptoms List

Bumps, lumps, lesions or "channels" on head

Brain and Personality
Memory loss (short term, recent memory - "What was I saying?
Where did I put my coffee mug? What did I do yesterday?")
Brain fog - groggy, unclear thinking
Thought processing becomes very taxing, difficult
Unable to think of specific words when communicating
Writing, and especially spelling, becomes difficult
Inability to focus or concentrate - ADD/ADHD symptoms
Mood disorders and mood swings, including loss of temper
Libido - lack of
Loss of interest in things that normally interest you
Depression and/or confusion or disorientation
Personality changes, like loss of creativity or loss of existing skills
Neurological problems - clumsiness, stumbling while walking, impeded speech

Hair appearance - stiff, brittle and dry
Wiry, uncontrollable hairs replace normal hair
Hair texture and color may change as more "wiry" ones grow in
Hair loss
Small glob of clear sticky substance at root end of hair when it falls out,
substance may coat hair shaft
Hair color does not adhere well to new hair growth

Floaters on eyeball surface
Loss of visual acuity
Increase in discharge, often stringy
Sandy or gritty feeling in eyes
Feeling of foreign objects in eyes but cannot locate or remove
Eyes are extra-sensitive to light
Eyesight is generally weakened
Night blindness
Eyelashes fall out, may be replaced with thick, wiry discolored lashes

Ears itch as motile fibers move inside
Ears ring or beep (but ears are clean)
Ears become clogged due to sinus drainage
Ears develop excess thick hair which may emerge from inside ear and feel very deep-rooted

read more

[link to rense.com]

 Quoting: MatrixLNIN11

wow , i am trying to reply to this, and it never goes up...ive had this problem today and it is getting freaky...just seeing if i dont say an
ything relevant will it still disappear? prob not and i will just look crazy
but here u go, just stick with it u will see the creature and also the cyborg that it attaches to..
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

how about that , 12.53 into the video it says UNDERWRITERSLABORATRYINC ..this is a microscopic mutant creature is growing feeding on the heavy metals in our body.. and how can a trademark R be pre-programmed to grow inside ???

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

With the isolated steroid receptor genes, segments of the transcribed segments may be used as probes for isolating homologous sequences from different sources, either different animals, or different but homologous genes exhibiting sequence homology. By selection of the segment used as a probe, particular functionally associated segments will be isolated. Thus, for example, other nucleic acid segments encoding either ligand-binding or DNA-binding domains of new receptors will be isolated. Alternatively, by using steroid-responsive controlling elements as a probe, new steroid-responsive elements will be isolated, along with the associated segment of DNA whose expression is regulated. This method allows for the isolation of ligand-responsive genes, many of which are, themselves, also members of the insect steroid receptor superfamily.

The natural or synthetic DNA fragments coding for a desired steroid receptor fragment will be incorporated into DNA constructs capable of introduction to and expression in an in vitro cell culture. Usually the DNA constructs will be suitable for replication in a unicellular host, such as yeast or bacteria, but may also be intended for introduction to, with and without and integration within the genome, cultured mammalian or plant or other eucaryotic cell lines. DNA constructs prepared for introduction into bacteria or yeast will typically include a replication system recognized by the host, the intended DNA fragment encoding the desired receptor polypeptide, transcription and translational initiation regulatory sequences operably linked to the polypeptide encoding segment and transcriptional and translational termination regulatory sequences operably linked to the polypeptide encoding segment. The transcriptional regulatory sequences will typically include a heterologous enhancer or promoter which is recognized by the host. The selection of an appropriate promoter will depend upon the host, but promoters such as the trp, lac and phage promoters, tRNA promoters and glycolytic enzyme promoters are known. See, Sambrook et al. (1989). Conveniently available expression vectors which include the replication system and transcriptional and translational regulatory sequences together with the insertion site for the steroid receptor DNA sequence may be employed. Examples of workable combinations of cell lines and expression vectors are described in Sambrook et al. (1989); see also, Metzger et al. (1988), Nature 334:31-36.

Genetic Constructs

The DNA segments encoding the members of the insect steroid receptor superfamily will typically be utilized in a plasmid vector. Two separate embodiments exist, the first having an expression control DNA sequence operably linked to the insect steroid receptor superfamily member coding sequences for expression of the insect steroid receptor superfamily member alone. A second includes an insect steroid receptor superfamily member as a component of an expression system for another gene to make expression of that other gene ligand responsive. This latter embodiment is separately described just below. The expression control sequences will be commonly eucaryotic enhancer or promoter systems in vectors capable of transforming or transfecting eucaryotic host cells. Once the vector has been incorporated into the appropriate host, the host, depending on the use, will be maintained under conditions suitable for high level expression of the nucleotide sequences.

anyway this is just a small piece from one study here are a list of when they

Cited Patent Filing date Publication date Applicant Title
US4704362 Nov 5, 1979 Nov 3, 1987 Genentech, Inc. Recombinant cloning vehicle microbial polypeptide expression
US4818684 Sep 10, 1985 Apr 4, 1989 The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York Auto-anti-idiotypic monoclonal antibodies to steroid receptors and uses thereof
US5514578 * Sep 30, 1992 May 7, 1996 The Board Of Trustees Of Leland Stanford University Polynucleotides encoding insect steroid hormone receptor polypeptides and cells transformed with same
WO1990006364A1 Nov 29, 1989 Jun 14, 1990 The Salk Institute For Biological Studies Drosophila receptors homologous to mammalian steroid receptors

37 Severne et al. (1988) EMBO J. 9:2503-2508 Metal binding "finger" structures in the glucocorticoid receptor defined by site-directed mutagenesis.
38 Strangmann-Diekann et al. (1990) Eur. J. Biochem. 189:137-143. Affinity Labelling of Partially Purified Ecdysteroid Receptor with Bromoacetylated 20-OH-ecdysone Derivative.
39 Suggs et al. (1981) PNAS 78:6613-6617. Use of synthetic oligonucleotides as hybridization probes: Isolation of cloned cDNA sequences for human beta2-microglobulin.
40 Suggs et al. (1981) PNAS 78:6613-6617. Use of synthetic oligonucleotides as hybridization probes: Isolation of cloned cDNA sequences for human β2-microglobulin.
41 Umesono and Evans (1989) Cell 57:1139-46 Determinants of Target Gene Specificity for Steroid/Thyroid Hormone Receptors.
42 Umesono et al (1988) Nature 336:262-265 Retinoic acid and thyroid hormone induce gene expression through a common responsive element.
* Cited by examiner well glad they have a patented formula since the 80's for that cute little guy in the in the first vid
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