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Iran, the last thorn in a Global Christs Crown

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User ID: 16413864
United States
08/17/2012 01:29 AM
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Iran, the last thorn in a Global Christs Crown
Americans, if the true outcome is World Wide Peace....Iran must be sacrificed...collateral damage will warrant the Global outcry that will follow turning 74,798,599 souls into vapor, but in the long run, the World will obtain global harmony, economic stability and peace.
Jesus Christ was faced with a similar predestined decision, and he carried his own cross to a humiliating, tortuous death that changed the world, for the better, and his quandary has survived the ages. Do I wish harm to guiltless children and to the naive, no, but I am also tired of a lone thorn, impeding the tranquility, serenity, and harmony the majority of Earth’s inhabitants so desperately desire; I’m tired of this barb working night and day to raze my child’s future, and as a parent, I will accept my judgment when I stand large before the man and with a pure heart, accept my fate. Enough time has passed! Will we turn a blind eye, kidding ourselves, superseding the well being of a global community, to entertaining a primitive ID that falsely ensures this humanitarian attempt to reach the rational being ensnared, and willfully relinquished our collective fate to a nation that finances death and destruction when their cause is not within their borders? Iran has been behind every disturbance to the unity of Mankind, cloaked in the twisted neurological misconception of Holy Script….all of which are used to promote murder, repression, slavery, and conformity.
Sometimes a sacrifice is warranted for the betterment of collective….and if the sacrifice survives the test of time, it is Gods will.
burpinflyz (OP)

User ID: 16413864
United States
08/17/2012 01:52 AM
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Re: Iran, the last thorn in a Global Christs Crown
The Day of Islam

Paul L Willams

Bin Laden and Al Qaeda mean to set off an American Hiroshima...

Still think Fukushima was a fluke?

Perhaps, or maybe, just maybe, the plan all along was the disruption to the power supply that would incite Nuclear Power Plants to meltdown and spread nuclear waste all over the USA. Seems some intel gathered during the Bush Admin caused a bit of concern with nuclear power plants....guess flying planes into them was not the plan.

"You had your Hiroshima, we will have ours..."


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