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Anti-Semitic Politician

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User ID: 21655349
08/17/2012 04:30 AM
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Anti-Semitic Politician
I just thought this was too funny

[link to www.npr.org]

It's quite dramatic with an incredible plot twist: One of the leaders of Hungary's Jobbik Party, which the Anti-Defamation League says is one of the few political parties in Europe to overtly campaign with anti-Semitic materials, has discovered that he is himself a --well GLP doesn't like that so...

Some of the most vociferous anti-Semites turn out to be of Semitic origin. Ahmadinejad,the Royal House of Saudi.

When asshats like this guy create an environment that hurts Jewish people in his country-so that they flee to Israel,one should seriously ask if Zionism is the largest enemy of the Jewish People.
I know enough to know that I know nothing
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22050862
08/17/2012 04:40 AM
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Re: Anti-Semitic Politician
Ataturk was a jew BTW.