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Our fight in world is against Life not Death!

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08/18/2012 05:54 AM
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Our fight in world is against Life not Death!
I have been here for little while and I have come to recognize that there appears to be many people here who seems to be deep down hoping to die and just end the what ever suffering they must be enduring. They are not afraid to die that is quite obvious, but in losing the fear of death they have also lost the will to live, life has knocked them down so many times that they see no point in raising up again.

Long time ago it was fear of death that pushed them to rise again, it was the only fear that was left to overcome, and now that they have conquered her too, no longer does death appear to be something to be afraid of but to be embraced, and so their ardent wish is for her to take their hand and end the pain and suffering they are enduring…

When we walk through valleys of death with our weary steps and could hear the whisper echoing in our mind: “You do not deserve to suffer like this just take my hand and I will end this misery” at that pivotal moment when sound of death turns out to be more beautiful than Life itself we should remember our Fight and Struggle is not against Death but against Life!

And so I want to share with you guys something from personal experience, I hope the following story will help people to realize what I did realize that night upon hearing following words from my friends…

“I honestly don’t know whether this would help you at all, but I want to share with you something”

“When I was kid I went back to Kurdistan and I went to visit my grandpa who was very respected elder in his village, it was sunny day and I was sitting on his lap listening to his intriguing stories”

“Man had just run to the mullah’s who were not that far away from us, and had told them that he had committed something he could never forgive himself and asked ardently for mullah to forgive him”

Mullah’s to whom this man went for help and guidance refused him by saying; “We are sorry we cant help you, but go to him (my grandpa), he might be able to help you”

And so this man while carrying his own gun came to my grandpa, and broke in tears in front of him.

The man who was crippled with sense of guilt cried out “I went to the mullah’s and they advised me to come to you…Lord please, I have committed great act of sin, something that I cannot ever forgive myself, if you don’t forgive me ” and pressed the gun next to his brain.

I was so scared at that moment and told my grandpa: “grandpa, grandpa tell him that he is forgiven, otherwise he is going to kill himself!”

Man repeated his desperate wish again: “Lord I mean it, I will kill myself because I cant live with this!”

“Son, give me the gun” said my grandpa with gentle but authoritative tone.

And so he handled my grandpa the gun and I felt great sense of relief!

But instead of taking the gun away from him, my grandpa loaded it and gave it back to him saying: “There you go, now you can kill yourself”

I was so shocked to see this and turned my gaze at my grandpa asking “What are you doing grandpa?!...I was expecting you to talk some sense to this man.”

Equally puzzled was the man who had just threatened to kill himself.

And then my grandpa said: “ But before you decide to kill yourself, consider this…our struggle and fight in life is not against death, we are not fighting against death in world, but against Life. Death is always willing to offer us her hand for us to take, at any moment if we so desire we can choose to die, if we so wished we could die by throwing ourselves under the car, or jump from high place, or shoot our self.

“But like I said our real fight in world is not against death, it’s against Life itself, when Life knocks us down, break our hearts, take away from us the people we love, and still we move on…this is what Life is about”

“When Life itself becomes so unbearable and painful that Death would be the means by which to attain relief and peace and yet still we move on…this is what Life is truly about”

So remember dear GLP members, your true fight in world is not against the death, it’s against the Life itself!

We all have own our race to run and the moment we lose the will to fight back life and live and wish to hurry to grave is the moment we have chose to accept to quit the race, SO RISE! AND FIGHT BACK LIFE! DO NOT LOSE HOPE AND HOLD ON TO FAITH!

I am almost done with putting away my carnal body and with it all it's desires and passions!