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Message Subject Seriously, why is Homosexuality being shoved down our throats and being peer pressured to accept it as "natural"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can someone explain to me whats natural about two cocks being shoved in each others asses or two vaginas using makeshift cocks for pleasure?

Can someone please explain to me how it is possible for a gay couple to conceive a child?

Can someone please explain to me why a child brought up by a gay couple is emotionally and psychologically confused about his/her sexuality?

[link to www.apa.org]

Can someone please explain to me why celebrities are playing a part in promoting the Gay Agenda?

[link to twitter.com]

Can someone for gods sake explain to me why is Homosexuality being literally shoved down our throats and if it is our own individual choice to find homosexuality UN-NATURAL that we are branded "assholes" and "cunts" and other vulgar forms of insults by the indoctrinated sheeple?

Just because your girlfriend finds anal sex painful does it mean she's a "bitch" for not confirming to the norm and that you should dump her?

The more you ask questions about Homosexuality, the more you can see through the lies and the Gay Agenda of depopulation by the Zionist Elite.

And no, I'm not a hateful "Bibletard" or a "Quran Tard". I'm a critical thinker. Something which we seriously lack in Modern society these days.
 Quoting: Critical Thinker 22174441

homosexuality is totally natural.

so is cancer and death.

It's a sign that something is terribly wrong, it's preterminal

You must understand that it's being pushed by those that want to destroy the nation. It's not that gays are bad, but you dont foster cancer, and you dont foster homosexuality.

There are those that want to destroy ameerican, wite debbil culture because they think they are entitled to take what it has produced, because they are chosen to prevail.

Complain all you want, it's the only answer that fits every question.

Cultural competition by those that dont hold anyone else equal to them, and feel entitled to win by any means necessary.

Who runs the media that exhaults it? Who manages the legal system that demands it? Who runs the gummint that forces it?

The only reason you dont see the answer is because you are told by them it isnt the answer.
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