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Message Subject Seriously, why is Homosexuality being shoved down our throats and being peer pressured to accept it as "natural"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Op you are a fucking idiot. Obviously you didn't even read the Apa article you linked cause it says there is no ground for those concerns. Which is funny because you linked it like it proved your point, when all it did was show how ignorant you are.

get laid and maybe you won't care what other people are doing in their bedroom.

If you don't like homosexuality don't be gay. Why do you guys always have to make sure that no one does any thing that you don't like.

Its like all those parent groups that didn't like howard stern, they get offended, they don't like what he puts on the air. So, as opposed to not listening to it, they decide to march and wright letters and boycott sponsors until its pulled from the air. Now even if I didn't agree you have taken away my choice.

If you don't like gay then don't be gay. If you don't like abortion, don't have an abortion. If you don't like satanists, don't go to a black mass.

shut the fuckup, and stop trying to run other peoples lives.

And next time read the article that you are linking, when your trying to use it to justify your closed minded, and bigoted views.

it's not about private acts, it's about taking it to the street and paying for its promotion.
Once was a time they did what they did in private, and didnt try to undermine or overthrow breeder culture.

No more. They have been made to think they must become supreme and be supported by breeder culture. Gays used to be citizens and patriotic to some degree in the past. Now, it is demanded that they rise up and destroy their host culture.

It's social cancer. For a while it's in homeostasis, and tolerable for all to some degree, but something changes and it goes excessive. It's after the money and privileges that breeders have always had from prechristian times, in every culture on the planet, and now, with benefits handouts, they are willing to destroy the golden goose because they are emotionally immature, with arrested development in childhood. They are stuck in a paederastic state of chums.

Just the way it is. Like it or not, they are an evolutionary dead end and dont need to be made a privileged class.
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