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Interesting sleep paralysis experience

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08/19/2012 06:56 PM
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Interesting sleep paralysis experience
First of all this is not a tard thread trying to find some ulterior significance to some stupid dream, but I've had sleep paralysis a couple times before and this one was a bit different. First off, it began in a dream whereas the ones before felt like began when I was semi awake. I was sleeping on a bed IN a dream and suddenly I felt noise of wind moving some small bells(like those who some people hang outside their homes), it woke me up within the dream and when I opened my eyes it seemed as a kind of dark mist enveloped me and I felt the usual feeling of sleep paralysis. Then I remember cursing at whatever I felt was holding me down from behind and then I remembered previous experiences of sleep paralysis (which is crazy how one can remember things like that WHILE asleep)so I relaxed myself and woke up from the whole ordeal.

Another interesting detail is that when I woke up I wasn't afraid or anything, just reflective, but I did have a physical feeling on my back similar to the feeling inside the dream, like something had attached itself to me, it hurt a bit and all.

Freaky shit but I must say these dreams don't scare me anymore, they're just interesting to say the least.
Banned as usual.

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