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United States
08/19/2012 08:49 PM
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Thanksgiving chit chat with family, and my Son bursts out, Dad The Illuminati and Masons are real.. WTF!!!!!

Holy Smokes, We are sitting around chit chatting with as a family around the living room. And my son bursts out, The Illuminati and Masons are real people!!!! I about fall out of my chair. My son and I have never talked about this, and well, I have discussed it with my some of my family, but not my son yet, but BAM!!!! My son just opens the conversation just like that. His Aunt and Uncle are like what the hell are you talking about. My Mom doesnt like to talk about it, because her Dad (my grandfather) was a Freemason.

My other Uncle knows about them, but comes from more of the Patriot side of things. My brother, has no clue. My niece thought her cousin was high on drugs. It was just wild, conversation tonight.

I saw this on another thread from a couple of years. that's funny!
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United States
08/19/2012 08:54 PM
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Re: LoL

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Those who live by the sword die by the sword, those who don't live by the sword are subject to those who do.