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Message Subject Religion of Peace at it again - Graphic video of Iraqi insurgents raiding a military checkpoint then ambushing convoy
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Kind of amazing how the guys being shot in the head don't spasm or jerk around. One moment they are alive, the next they are dead. Like turning off a light switch.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17445313

It doesnt matter if your a human or a sheep, when you get shot in the head, thats it, lights out, unless of course you have "messed up" Ive shot heaps of sheep, (cancers etc that needed euthenasing) and every time its a one shot kill, no kicking around etc just dead, life extinct, the way it should be.

Now to the video, maybe its the vouyer in me I dont know, some macabre part of me that gets to to watch, I dont know, well I did watch and then shook my head and clicked off.

This is the exact reason our entire world is going down the gurgler, the very substance of our society is breaking down, slowly but surely. Its sad, it makes me mad, these are people, people with lives, with family, freinds and memories. And once again, the dogs of war are unchained and released. Salivating at the bit, they cant wait for the killing. NO DIFFERENT to a heap of good ol boys heading off to 'nam, they just couldnt wait for the shooting to start.
And it did, and then they wanted out. For these "insurgents" there is no "out", never, it will live on in their minds till they are dead themselves.
Its a sad and bitter world that I for one cant wait to leave behind. The crazy sad, frustrating thing about this world is we arnt allowed to leave, apperently its not our choice. We must endure, and contiue to, all the days of our lives.

Mr Lennon wrote a song, it was a very nice song and it was called "imagine" nobody sings it anymore, nor play it. I think thats because it brings up too much guilt. It makes us look at things we dont want to see. Just like this video and every other one like it. We NEED to see it to remind us what is real, rather then what has been, or could be, "this" is happening now, and we cant do a damn thing about it.

One day Im going to die. It could be today, or tommorow. Then I will see. I look forward to that day, not that Im intending on speeding up that day, I shall wait and cherish the moment, thing is, all these killers in the world are going to meet that same fate. I wonder what goes on in their mind. Do they really use religion as a justifacation, or are they so eaten up in their hearts that they know they are doomed, they are killers, without mercy. How can one expect mercy when one does not have any themselves? This torturous thought must surely eat at their very souls. Its sad.

Could it be that every religion in the world, all of them, have it all wrong? Could it be that one day, we can all, everybody get together and just chill?

No, I dont think so either.
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