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United States
08/20/2012 08:34 AM
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Q: How to feel Great all the time..?

Q: How to Glow all the time..?

A: Stop absorbing Decay and Manmade Chemical poisons into the bloodstream.

Q: How do we poison our Blood..?

A: By getting tricked by corporations to free will ingest chemical laden, genetically modified, already decaying, indigestible matter into our mouths, and not having our designed-in built-in Cache of Trace Iodine, the Active Ingredient of our Immune Systems as Permanent Firewall at the Nutrient-to-Blood Absorption Point where you cannot see it deep in the Digestion two days later through the digestive system walls to Prevent Decay, Neutralize all infecting single celled Pathogens on contact, remove all Manmade Chemicals, and GMO's, and build up of Metals and Toxins in the system. It takes a couple years of trace Iodine at the new RDA min. of 50mg $15.00 a Month of your food bill as either the Iodine Lugol's type drops, ( or ) the Potassium Iodide Tabs to fully establish/ re-establish your designed-in Firewall for Youth Retention and Perfect Health as though on Auto-Pilot. It takes 50 - 100 Drops of Nutribiotic Brand GSE ( GrapeFruitSeed Extract ) to attain the major aspect of All Pathogen/ Decay neutralization into the blood deep in your system daily $15.00 as part of your food bill to act as required Temporary active Firewall. Without these Firewalls we suffer Constant self autointoxication of low to mid-levels of levels of Food Poisoning, chemical and GMO or Manmade Chemical/ Added in Flavor Enhancer MSG/ Derivitives Poisoning we simply have come to think as normal, causing low energy, aches and pains, headaches, and loss of youth, low, or loss of glow in the mirror.

Q: When was the last day I didn't have 50 - 100 drops of Daily GSE in the system as at least a Temporary Firewall to keep my blood pure..?

A: 1998

Q: What has been my Total Medical or Medical Coverage or Visits as a body not functioning right and needing outside external health care, health care plans, insurance, as Bill or Billing since..?


I have figured out How to have Heaven in your Body for you and Live it Daily.

I proven this all out myself -> and as result of not missing a day of GSE and taking in what the Body is actually designed for in the state of digestible freshness and Balance of Alkaline Forming Foods and Balanced Rehydration w/ out Manmade Chemicals and GMO's I NEVER have been sick for more than a day.

You can do this too : )
Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/20/2012 08:53 AM
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Re: Gift
Matt Erwin shared a link.
9 hours ago
[link to www.aboutmyplanet.com]

Genetic Modification Irresponsibly Let Out Of Control:

*Without a minimum of 3 decades of testing all long term results in each case should be immediately outlawed as completely irresponsible and robbing all humanity:

Flower and Food Genetics on Way to Full and Complete Ruination:


How 'bout we call it for what it is..?

Greed-- and Greed Alone...

Pure Corporate Greed...

In the buying of Flowers, at least we can use our noses to determine which still retain their sweet smell and fragrance if not pulled right from a display refrigerator:

*Why Are Flowers Losing Their Fragrance..?

Genetic Modifications:

"lack of smell due to the genetic enhancement of a flower’s appearance"

Mega Corporate Agribusiness Giants Chemical Pesticide Poisioning Off of the Bees for the Last 40 Years Allowed by Politicians and Government Agencies:

( Specifically With: The Deadly *Methyl Bromide and the *Neonicotinoids )

"The population of pollinators, like honey bees, are dying off. And flowers are not giving off the scent that they used to..."

Genetic Modification without a minimum of 3 decades of testing all long term results in each case should be immediately outlawed as completely irresponsible and robbing all humanity. All goods on shelves that have been genetically modified should be labeled both clearly and immediately.

I personally hold all knowingly party to this as Karmically Accountable criminals of the worst type and the Enemies of Humanity and our Children's Future, and that of all current and future generations.

"60 to 70 percent of products on grocery store shelves contain at least one genetically engineered element..."

[link to www.newsmaxhealth.com]

Roses Losing Their Smell
Does a rose be any other name smell as sweet? Not anymore. Mother’s Day this year is a time of flowers. And while these flowers are beautiful to look at, they may not smell as sweet as they once did.

*Also Found on my FB and my Future Knowledge Update Discovery Blog ( Google )

*info on the Nobody @ bottom of Blog