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Message Subject Obama is the AntiChrist. as spoken of by Daniel the prophet in daniel 8, 9, 10 He will kill more then Hitler and Stalan combined!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
God never even told Jesus CHrist the day nor the hour of his return...

This means that Jesus doesn't even know when he is to return.

Doesn't this mean something very significant?

The Son of God himself doesn't even know the day nor the hour of his return?


What does this mean exactly?

One thing it means is; The only being that knows REALLY what is going to happen is only GOD himself ; this is all


NO one else but ; GOD

not even the angles in heaven

not even Jesus

God is leaving the ending up to himself to decide when it occurs...what generation it occurs in...

this is BIG

THis means that you CANT pin the designation of the anti christ on anyone

not anyone

until GOD reveals who it is ....

We are all at the mercy of God

including satan

yes; satan as well...

Pretty mind blowing isn't it?

One thing satan would LOVE to know is the intel from God

He doesn't know either
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