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Message Subject I have a question to Idiot Muslim Haters!
Poster Handle Kurdish Shepherd
Post Content
when I said "being robbed of their basic human rights" I was referring to your governments bombing the shit out of their country and supporting the dictators there...
 Quoting: Kurdish Shepherd

They had no human rights in their countries to begin with.

The people you call dictators were the only ones to guarantee "relative" freedom for everyone.

The Christians in Syria and Muslim minority sects have to fear for their lives now that Assad might be gone.

If you think a real Islamic society provides basic human rights I dare you to live in Saudi Arabia or Iran...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1489227

I will address each of your points...

1-How can you expect any them having any human rights when their bloodthirsty ruler's are safe and protected under the wings of western interests?

2-These dictators did not provide freedom what they did instead was providing privilege and some were lucky to enjoy it and others were not so lucky.

3-Yes that's true Christians have to be afraid now that radical Muslims and Muslim Brotherhood with it's radical views is appealing to the hearts of "humiliated" muslims, but who is the driving force behind the sudden rise of MB????...

4-I disagree with any country to be founded upon religious ideology, fanatic or none-fanatic. But for sake of argument I believe there are better examples than Iran or Saudi-Arabia to represent genuine islamic values, these two are one of the wickets along with Vatican upon planet Earth...and yes I have been living in Iran too.
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