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Message Subject I have a question to Idiot Muslim Haters!
Poster Handle Kurdish Shepherd
Post Content
I do not support or respect the warmongers and thieves who run our governments, nor do I have any respect for that stupid system of superstition called Islam. The reason I hate Muslims is because they are a part of that daft system and they want to spread and impose their idiocy on everyone else.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22307505

I am not great fan of Islam either, but I think it's ridiculous to actually blame the Muslims for seeking asylum in your country because of sociopathic warmongers ruling your country decided it would be cool to bomb the shit out of another sovereign state...and the reason? To provide you the luxurious life-style you guys are able to enjoy in western countries by stealing from others.
 Quoting: Kurdish Shepherd

They need to sort their own shit out instead of dumping it on others. The least they could do, if they accept the hospitality of our nations is to make an attempt to adopt our norms and customs. I did.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22307505

I agree I dont put messed up situation in "muslim countries" entirely on Western imperialistic ideology's shoulder, muslims have done very little to fix the fucked up situation there too, and two major factor for this are 1) Religion and 2) High level of un-educated people. But it's very hard to see any progress there when West is constantly making sure that the area itself shall never know peace and harmony...for the day when MIddle-East knows Peace and Harmony is the day of the End of Western luxurious lifestyle.
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