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Message Subject I have a question to Idiot Muslim Haters!
Poster Handle Krime
Post Content
US and NATO warring scum should be brought to courts for annihilating an environment and a race of people by use of DU (depleted uranium).

Check it out, what your own veteran and former Green Berets commander has to say:

[link to mynameisjoecortina.wordpress.com]

and I quote (50 % rule applied):

"Sick degenerate twisted sadistic sociopaths like you are the greatest threat to the safety of MY people and to WORLD peace that ever existed. Your imbecile child like brain like all moron rednecks is suited only for violence murder and terror! As old as I am if I could defend my country by fighting demonic retards like you I would make the sacrifice in a heartbeat.

Criminals like you are an embarrassment to every decent man woman and child on EARTH especially those veterans who served during my era REAL men like Bo Gritz and David Hackworth

I served over a half century ago when we were a decent moral Godly people and our military was honorable. Our purpose was the D-E-F-E-N-S-E of my country and N-O-T being murderous imperialistic war criminals who trained your sons to become murderers and kill innocent people who had NEVER EVER attacked me or my family or my country in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER!"

Or check the doc on youtube:


The evil scum are killing countries forever (4.5 billion years of radiation, imbeciles).

Google Falujah babies and birth defects...

Check the photos of those babies, you sick fucks
, ALL of you who agree with this atrocity. You are the true evil and you cannot fool anyone with imbecil responses.

Wake up, if they could do this to a human being, they will do it to you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 19569519

Thank you for pointing out the statics, I think most of people here have grown up watching war form video games and forgot or never seen how ugly war can be.
 Quoting: Kurdish Shepherd

I've battled the muzzies. They are cowards and poor shots. When captured they immediately go turncoat.

Not to mention the ied's. Booby traps are for pussies.
 Quoting: LunaticFringe

I am a Kurd and not a Muslim but I doubt the authenticity of your statement, for from what I have heard it's exact opposite that US soldiers hide behind their superior high-tech and without that they would be helplessly lost...
 Quoting: Kurdish Shepherd

damn, you like to talk shit about America without any research hu?

WW2, Germans had superior tanks, U-boats, and even had superior experimental aircraft...... we still won.
Veitnam, the aircraft was superior, as well as their jungle survival skills, "we may not have won the war, but we won the battle."

its not Americas fault that 3rd world countrys would rather depend on dictatorship, and control, instead of building an economy and getting their resources up, in order to buy/produce a higher grade military equipment.
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