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Message Subject I have a question to Idiot Muslim Haters!
Poster Handle Kurdish Shepherd
Post Content

Thank you for pointing out the statics, I think most of people here have grown up watching war form video games and forgot or never seen how ugly war can be.
 Quoting: Kurdish Shepherd

I've battled the muzzies. They are cowards and poor shots. When captured they immediately go turncoat.

Not to mention the ied's. Booby traps are for pussies.
 Quoting: LunaticFringe

I am a Kurd and not a Muslim but I doubt the authenticity of your statement, for from what I have heard it's exact opposite that US soldiers hide behind their superior high-tech and without that they would be helplessly lost...
 Quoting: Kurdish Shepherd

damn, you like to talk shit about America without any research hu?

WW2, Germans had superior tanks, U-boats, and even had superior experimental aircraft...... we still won.
Veitnam, the aircraft was superior, as well as their jungle survival skills, "we may not have won the war, but we won the battle."

its not Americas fault that 3rd world countrys would rather depend on dictatorship, and control, instead of building an economy and getting their resources up, in order to buy/produce a higher grade military equipment.
 Quoting: Krime 5469820

I couldn't really care less about talking shit about America, I was telling the previous person the truth. I doubt that Nazi's really ever lost the war, you forgot the Operation Paperclip?

[link to www.thetruthsource.org]

What comes to Vietnam war...you forgot to mention the few incidence's of using superior military weapons like Agent Orange and napalm perhaps?

The last part of your comment has been already answered so many times I really have no interest in repeating myself over it.
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