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Message Subject I have a question to Idiot Muslim Haters!
Poster Handle Kurdish Shepherd
Post Content
You have to realize that the people of the West have no choice but to play the bankers game as its the only game in town. The idea of America being the land of the brave and free is mostly bs as most people are collectivists and not rugged individuals as the founding fathers were. Just look at what a little freedom and wealth has done to the public; turned them into bloated pigs that don't even care about their offspring's future or political destiny! Decades of poor food, flouridation and filling peoples heads with trivial non-critical tv garbage has left the bulk of the population bloated and brain dead mindless consumers; did they protest and reject the above ? NO!. The whole world economy is nothing but a big game that is becoming less tolerated by the less developed countries of the world. Sooner or later there will be problems, so the bankers are setting up a new order so that the threat of a nuclear war or massive civilian uprising will not occur AND DESTROY THEIR WEALTH and god knows what else!!! Overpopulation is why Kissinger made the deal with Mao to start sending factories to China after Mao agreed to implement Henry's 1 Child policy. Americans do not realize that a Muslim BOMB would STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER dead in its tracks. This is why they are desperately trying to kill Iran.

If the American hicks were brought up under Islam instead of Christianity ( btw Jesus hated organized religion folks)they would be fierce muslims now. Ditto for any other group of people; what your raised with is what you believe and will die for. I wonder how many CIA moderators are diluting these posts ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22034043

It's quite comforting to see here few intelligent and well constructed argument in middle of all these hatred-filled and air-headed comments...you are right Jesus himself dismissed all religious organizations (Judaism, Christianity, Islam etc) and their ways of praising God, for he knew these were all products of their beastly carnal mind's which demanded sacrifices in form of blood and killing and did not originate from the Spirit of God.
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