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"The IMPOSSIBLE" movie from 2004 Indonesian Tsunami ( TRAILER )

Rinoa Heartilly
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United States
08/20/2012 10:44 PM
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"The IMPOSSIBLE" movie from 2004 Indonesian Tsunami ( TRAILER )
Here's the Trailer : The impossible

[link to moviehole.net]
Based on the true story of one family’s survival of the 2004 tsunami, THE IMPOSSIBLE stars Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor and is directed by J.A. Bayona (THE ORPHANAGE).
Maria (Naomi Watts), Henry (Ewan McGregor) and their three sons begin their winter vacation in Thailand, looking forward to a few days in tropical paradise. But on the morning of December 26th, as the family relaxes around the pool after their Christmas festivities the night before, a terrifying roar rises up from the center of the earth. As Maria freezes in fear, a huge wall of black water races across the hotel grounds toward her.
THE IMPOSSIBLE is the powerful and unforgettable account of a family caught, with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time. But the true-life terror is tempered by the unexpected displays of compassion, courage and simple kindness that Maria and her family encounter during the darkest hours of their lives. Both epic and intimate, devastating and uplifting, The Impossible is a journey to the core of the human heart.
Look into my eyes...You're-going-to-like-me... You're-going-to-like-me... Did it work? I am your Final Fantasy!
Rinoa Heartilly (OP)

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United States
08/20/2012 10:49 PM
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Re: "The IMPOSSIBLE" movie from 2004 Indonesian Tsunami ( TRAILER )
am gonna watch this!

Look into my eyes...You're-going-to-like-me... You're-going-to-like-me... Did it work? I am your Final Fantasy!
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United Kingdom
09/29/2012 08:01 AM
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Re: "The IMPOSSIBLE" movie from 2004 Indonesian Tsunami ( TRAILER )
From Erik Young - USA CIA associate of Chief of CIA General Petreus

There were two disasters that link to my family being potential victims.

1 Quantas Bkk-LHR crashes at the end of runway December 2001 my whole family booked on seats but I changed plan and flew following week. One injured person first Quantas air crash in its history.

Tsunamy - interprets Tsu(sue) to buy-end Na - family face my - Mervyn Young ... I believe Tsunamy was a man made natural disaster planned the previous year by land and property fraudsters based in Thailand-Brunei-Borneo-Malaysia-India-Sri Lanka this area we are the land lords for huge areas of land and some islands including Phuket and Koh Samui and ko lanka... The present resolution that disolved the Sultanate of Brunei relates to this disaster.. US$220 million transfered to "The Swami" then on to the client account of my International Lawyer business partner Samuel Marshall Evans I think at Barclays Bank Knightsbridge with instructions from Swami to place into a Panama corporation with the administration in Switzerland through his Swiss lawyers. This money has been used to fund a series of arranged accidents including the Tsunamy through the use of technical synthetic variable mass particle material refer to Los Alamas Laboratories USA for technical method that confirms this could cause a Tsunamy.

Mervyn Young died from choking to death

Rowland T Rowland aware of the land frauds and financial fraud of former Sultan HH Bolkiah against our landlords cash flow management thourgh our Danish but UK based "Crown Agents Account". I personally met with the official officer of Crown Agents concerning Brunei to discuss the re-directed cashflow during the 1980s, he was trying to tell me the Sultan was not authorised to re-direct funds and default on settling the gross revenue for our control to return a proportional disbursement for him to sit as our representive and Sultan. Instead he has made two attempts upon my family's lives through a network that connects him to Pol Pot of Cambodia who was part of three man teamn that stole Brunei title deeds from my father's FS Young's brief case in 1971, the Sultan bought-acquired these documents from the crime ring of Pol Pot aslo and ID-land and property thief shortly after the theft.

Rowland T Rowalnd died during same time period - choked to death

Dieter Boche business associate of Rowland died in restaurant Germany he choked to death

Value of land property etc in excess of UK£500,000 million...

All three aware that title deeds concerning land India, Thailand,Korea,Brunei,Malaysia,Pakistan were stolen from MFS Young and office of Herbert Smith Solicitors London hand delivered docs by MFS Young but never returned by herbert Smith they had vanished.

Dear Commanding Officers and Supreme Commanders of SE Asia Air Forces

The Royal Navy gave a statement to The Times newspaper indicating the cost and displeasure for this attack upon Libya last year. I'd threatened to have my cousin Sec Gen Anders f Rasmussen asassinated if NATO killed anymore children in Egypt and the murderous raids that killed children stopped. He wasn't too keen of attacking Egypt following my threat. Meanwhile my other cousin Gen Petreus who told me Afghanistan would take two years and then we'd control the world once we had our man in the USA CIA Petreus jnr never reappeared to meet me again. I was being hunted down like a crazy hyena in Bangkok/Thailand by former Taliban who had now with new IDs joined the Royal Thai Police plain clothes crews.

I have a strong suspicion that £38 Billion that was wisely transferred to Switzerland was not Mubarak 2s booty reward they just could not use it as iot isn't really their money it is the landlords money. Than God i remeber things so well read on and you will understand the relief it may create for Egypt..

Do you know why PM David Cameron had a meeting with the now disolved Sultan H H Bolkiah 3 days after being appointed PM ? Was it about who knows about the stolen title deeds re Brunei's oil revenue, stolen from my father MFS Young and unlawfully purchased by the eldest son of the former Sultan who exclaimed his son was doing a deal with the world's worst criminal they are not their title deeds ?

Just Mr R Tiny Rowland died the same exact death as my afther. Rowland was very very friendly with Col Gaddhafi and knew something about the stolen documents. With President G W Bush flying to Tripoli to make a personal apology after I filled him in with some accurate intelligence about Lockerbie point the crime firmly at Britsh Domiciles, people assuming the Ids of others and murdering former Sultans were getting nervous about Gaddhafi who was an honest man. I wasn't not amused to fnd Cameron prior to his political days just prior with his hands all over my wife cornering her into a table bench seat he didn't even introduce himself. My wife, a daughter of former Sultan HH Bolkiah had fled the family fold a fifteen horrified when she found out all that wealth was not her dad's money he;d done a deal with the worst crime network on earth inc Mr Pol Pot who was another ID thief stealing the Marco Polo Potain French Indo-China investments

As you probably know there were two President Mubaraks, the real one calling in the former military man and Iding him Mubarak because of attempts upon his life. Mr Mubarak real almost worshiped my father who trained him to fly Spitfire fighter planes in 1945 when Mubarak was just 16 years old,, the £38 Billion can be liquidated with my signature,, I think our family will claw back a 5% fee (rather like a royalty) may the rest better the future of Africa with the Egyptian people gaining credit from the outcome.

Erik J C Young

for the families former HM King Frederick of Denmark and Joseph Henry Sithsonian Institute Curator of USA

Dear Mr Costa of Lazzards

Mr Fayed formerly of HofF and Harrods,

How did he acquire 55 and 60 Park Lane ?

How did he secure the capital £550 million to purchase Harrods and HofF?

Why did he choose Herbert Smith Solicitors as his legal counsel and corporate solicitors? Herbert Smith were the last people to be in possession of various documents and financial instruments in our family's favour gifted to us by The Danish Royal family and the Henry family of Philedelphia USA Joseph Henry Curator of The Smithsonian Institute being my great grand father, the documents may have included "royalty agreements" for example the invention of the electric motor whom he 50% developed with James Faraday. A Bank of Scotland or RBS account left in my favour acc no:0000001 I still have no information from the banks, share certificates went missing as well and there may have been some difficult to open but in existence revolving letters of credit with us as part beneficiary,,,,,,,,, after being shot a myself several times in S E asia once a high velocity snipers rifle used, I am starting to lose my cool with the financial world and the city law profession, The Law Society failing to discipline a London law firm for lying and cheating they stole circa £400,000 out of a client account where there held some of my money they further charged £150,000 onto my account for software and left me penniless to die in Bangkok one time refusing to send £3000 bail when I was framed by the notoriously corrupt Royal Thai Police. Irwin Mitchell is their name formerly controlled by Michael napier reputed to have sent the US gov into an absolute rage due to his conduct concerning a USA corporate acquistion he does not impress me concerning his lack of care for human rights, a subject that is the foundation of my name being famous in Asia.

A Mr Larkham later he beame Ron L Hubbard of Scientology also appears to have stolen a large number of documents from one of the family homes around 1970, his organisation's East Grinstead based allegedly bought for £27 million was one of my stolen inheritance properties documents handed to me by Sir David Craig of the RAF when I was just 11 years of age.

Further the Land Registry failed to supply, they took the money on my Visa card, the records for Four Winds St Georges Hill, a wedding present to my poarents the title deeds held by my grandmother, I think Larkan stole them out of her centre desk drawer since that is where I last saw them. It was our family who created both SGH and The Wentworth Estate to keep the chidlren away from the War of the Worlds mob who always work in a group of three targeting rich families children

I am writing expressing my concerns about the similarity of cause of death of three prominent members of Britain's business community, all of whom knew about a number of documents subject of a theft that was discussed in The House of Commons. In fact these were my inheritance documents relating to land and property around the world that I was supposed to share delegating the management and development with my brother Christopher Mervyn Young. This included large areas of land, all of Brunei funds collected through our family appointed "The Crown Agent" we created the Sultanate which had been dormant for years to have a figurehead to oversee Brunei for our family a percentage disbursment returned every year for the Sultans assistance this is where ALL the oil revenue royalties should have been going the Sultan having no authroity to direct inflow of funds anywhere else, parts of Thailand about 25% of entire country and islands we installed infra-structure railways, telcoms etc buying land to liquidate cash value for former Rama 5 and Rama 6 of Siam, Malaysia,India,Sri Lanka,Pakistan, Borneo, Malaysia, there was more land in The Middle East Egypt, Lebannon, USA,Australia,,Alaska, Hawaii and numerous small islands.

May I begin with the concern about three men who died by choking to death all connected to the matter detailed below....

Dieter Bock died age 71 choked to death [link to www.telegraph.co.uk]

Rowland T Rowland - choked during breakfast on his yacht S France died 48 hrs later in Chelsea Hospital London. The media claimed he died of skin cancer this is incorrect my biz partner Sam M Evans his General Counsel confirmed he choked to death.

Mervyn F S Young - Choked tpo death after going out of control at his home in Woking Surrey hospital could not find any obstruction or acid burn to explain. Cause of death confirmed as heart failure

Neil McNeil Greig - Died during 12 minute ambulance ride with SECoast Ambulance service who were 70 miles out opf their area, he was suffering with a pain may have been throat or chest,, cause of death confirmed as heart failure

All three men died within thre years of one another.

I believe all three were killed using synthetic particle light-wave technology where you can satruate an individual with non visible ultra-violet variable velocity particles carrying an electromagnetic wave length that causes choking.. to verify contact Los Alamos Laboratories in California USA

Dear CEO of Qatar Investment Authority

This may effect your acquisition of House of Fraser and Harrods Group and other acquisitions through Mohammed Fayed and his brother and any agent affillaites associates or commercial bodies from whom they are beneficiaries or representatives.

Mr Fayed has known me for about twenty years and we have crossed paths several times, further he knew of my business partner Samuel Marshall Evans General Counsel and International Lawyer for Adnan Khashoggi, Howard Hughes and John Paul Getty.

Due to the hate campaign against our future success my business partner and I missed out on the sale of one company with a £100 million cash purchase deal on the negotiating table with the largest internet group in Germany known as United Internet.


Erik J C Young

9 Lake Close Byfleet Surrey KT14 7AE

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Erik Young <erikjcyoung@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 10:36 AM
Subject: Please forward to Mr and Mrs G W Bush asap
To: laurabushfoundation@cfncr.org

Dear former President George W Bush and Laura Bush

Please will you forward this to General Petreus.

I'll start by stating I believe the fayed's have been land and property fraudsters for two generations, they may have been abducted children taken from families trying to block the heroin trade. Therefore you cannot rule out the possibility that in their early years there is a good chance they were laundering money and I was advised that Mohemmed fayed's brother admitted to a friend of mine he was the worse of the two evils running guns into Africa at one time, Mohammed Fayed almost had a fit over this distasteful business of arms dealing to those who intended to create conflict.

I am tracking down the stolen documents which relate to the huge inheritance left to me by ancestors Joseph Henry of The Smithsonian Institute and great grand father former King Frederick of Denmark.

It appears that Mohammed Fayed formerly CEO of Harrods and HOF may have purchased the group after obtaining some of the stolen documents of my inheritance. I think Mr Rowland T Rowland, whom I believe was murdered, may have arranged the supply of £550 million against these stolen documents although Rowland was not aware they were stolen.

Fayed brothers have since sold the HOF/Harrods group to The Qatar Investment Authority for £1500 million.

I have made an offer to Fayed that he pay Dr Max Glauser in zurich, my Swiss lawyer £1200 million and we will settle the rest of his debt against some future projects in Egypt with the £38 Billion since I know I am one of the official landlord representatives who has a legal right to liquidate the funds. There are two Mubarak's first the gentleman taught to fly a WW2 Spitfire by Mervyn F S Young in 1945, then a second person labelled "Mubarak" a former military commander who was brought in due to death threats against the genuine Mubarak. A similar situation to General McNeil Greig of US military who is now General Petreus Senior joint Chief of CIA who passed the same authority across to me when we had our last meeting about terrorism and the heroin trade.

I have had all my communications hacked, spied upon, sabotaged, mobile numbers,land line numbers, notebook PCs hacked and sabotaged. and someone has set uo an intranet between myself and the internet so they can mislead me with addresses and number for CIA and Whitehouse communications. They have been lifting letters out of the Royal Mail service when I post important information to the US Gov and its agencies and rewriting messages from themselves that are my copyright and intellectual property so thrid parties are not aware that it is "Erik Young" who has approached them. They have blocked all bar a few filtered through email responses to my messages.

My son of 16 and his friends have fallen victim to hit and run road car attacks and these intruders have told a web of poisonous stories to the local police force about myself, my son and others in our family.

They claim you do not know me my communications with The Oval Office is all nonsense and do like wise with other references I may give to someone to substantiate my credibility and they claim the killings I refer to in Thailand where I witnessed the deaths are all made up stories.

I enclose a copy of my recent correspondence sent to G W Bush reference Brunei, I assumed USA Enbassy opened there recently since you and Gen Petreus are aware it is our family that created the Sultanate again and we are the landlords with the oil rights ours, again the subject of stolen title deeds and other documents. The former British High Commissioner of East Malaysia's daughter reported the scadal to me with the belief that the previous Sultan was murdered/poisoned three moths after his throne was seized by Hadji Hassanak Bolkiah but it is not true the second foster son [plotted with his brother to overthrow the Sultan. I believe they had a look-alike to hide his death for a number of years.


This is how I see things sadlt Sultan Hadji H Bolkiah is by genetics my father-in-law ... this is precisely why his daughter ran away and vanished around 17th July 1997 and I was asked to search for her.. she found me in December 2001 and married me with new ID as a farmers daughter..I hope we can find out who had shares plundered by gestapo of WW2 and put things in the hands of good shareholders not ID thieves. An audit on all the shareholders will reveal the truth.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen and Premier Wen Jia Bao

This may all seem very severe but I have a list of reasons that justify my conclusion as to how to settle matters with former Sultan Hadji Hasanal Bolkiah who is no longer recognised as a "Royal" by the Judges in The Royal Courts of Justice The Strand London. However his brother is a different matter, he is not to blame for the thoroughly wicked treatment served upon the former Sultan's foster-father whom I am led to believe from the daughter of a British High Commissioner to East Malaysia was dead within three months of the foster-son Hadji's violent and illegal detention of his genuine Sultan predecessor. I met this lady a daughter of a former British High Commissioner based East Malaysia who wanted to warn me about "Sultan" Hadji Bolkiah, she provided me a full face to face report.

I had a meeting with The Permanent Secretary to a senior member of The Royal Thai Government together with a Government advisor on the 10th week of the "3 month anti-drugs campaign". He insisted that over 16,000 people had been killed not the figure officially quoted at the time of 2000. He explained he had direct access to the intelligence with the correct numbers.

General Petreus met with me warned me that over 50% of the Taliban had simply vanished from Afghanistan by the time of the NATO occupation. In his view some of them had fled to Thailand where they assumed new IDs possibly Thai IDs. The reference that is was The Royal Thai Police who committed the killings has some credence since they were recruiting people into their own mafia. It appears that some of the Taliban-Heroin network were they people dressed in black body fit clothes with balaclavas.

You should check the former Tourist Police base in Soi Asoke. A group was operating out of this building purporting to be "The Tourist Police" using official vehicles which were stock piled there. However they were not dressed in official

tourist Police outfit. Some of them who were in the offices of the building were wearing black body fit clothes, their main

occupation appeared to be targeting tourists who they then robbed. There was a group of about eight men who wore light kharki clothes armed with guns, they did not look Thai and appeared to be wired off their heads on drugs. There is another short stocky female who may be a Thai. These people need to be arrested and detained. One of their techniques is psychological torture.



Please help the abused children of Thailand by visiting them at [link to www.mercycentre.org] . Thank you

Please forward my apology to my couisin Secretary General Anders F Rasmussen |I now understand the circumstances

behind his desire to bring both sides of the family into contact again.

Please advise him my grand mother Katrine's abducted daughter at 3 days of age in Bangkok many years ago had contact with me several times. She needs to be visited and given special attention. I have asked the Russian Ambassador to contact her and hope she is still alive and healthy. Sultan Bolkiah needs to be addressed, please ask Gen Petreus senior to request a US Aircraft Carrier "Enterprise" or similar to visit Brunei and demand he hands over copies of the documents and contracts relating to oil rights agreement on all Brunei oil wells and the same applies all gas wells.Royal Shell Oil Group.

Unfortunately there are some indications that PM David Cameron has been associated with the world's worst mafia network formerly labelled Gestapo in WW2. I strongly urge his child is given attention please ensure it is his and his wife's child and nobody has swapped the babies around at birth a common trick of the Gestapo in WW2 era.

London and Netherlands......

Dear Sultan Hadji Hassanal Bolkiah

I know the documents relating to the oil rights of the 1971 oil well sold to Royall Shell Oil were stolen out of Mervyn Frank Sheffield Young's brief case while he was out of his hotel room in Hong Kong during a business trip of The Far East in 1971.

Mervyn Young received death threats if he pursued any further concerning land interests in South East Asia. He became concerned his children would become a target.

Since you have not co-operated I will now commence proceedings to make a claim for the full value of the oil reserves.

In law the reserves will be valued for their full amount from the day production commenced but at todays price for a barrel of oil. I estimate this comes to a base figure of UK£250,000 million.

I am going to use this security to leverage a buy out of Royal Shell Oil.

The PA for 35 years to the Director's Boardroom of Shell Oil has been a personal friend of mine for many years. There will be minutes recording the 1971 deal, the oil field had not been drilled prior to this date due to the fact that you did not have the supporting documents which you acquired from a source that was not lawful.

Since you have not co-operated this will follow with a foreclosure upon Brunei and all its asset wealth. I guess this scandal may be the cause for your former second wife to divorce you. Your former wife knew me since I was thirteen years of age and stayed at my parents home one time with our family before you married her.

My Skandinavian family were the people that provided part of Palestine to create a solution for the Jews, the State of Israel.

Alaska was a gift to our family from the Russian Royal family after we bailed them out of a financial crisis. We never instructed anyone to sell Alaska to the United States, it was a protectorate of the USA. Former President George W Bush knows this story is true. I intend to place a great deal of pressure upon you through the USA, Russia, China and

others since I do not like your attitude.

My brother Christopher Mervyn Young is particularly upset with you, he will not hear your name he thinks you have defrauded our family out of part of our inheritance. Christopher has had a very very unhappy life, someone targeted him in Tunisia when he was teaching at The University of Carthage, he was robbed everywhere he went refused and exit visa, had his work permit revoked and was systematically subjected to a program intended to destroy him completely. I now know his suffering and my subjection to multiple robberies and torture is all linked to a massive land title fraud that expands across Asia and elsewhere.

Mr Phillip Byrne the Managing Director of UBS Investment Banking is a life time friend of our family. I will look to him and UBS to manage the finances as we recover our asset wealth.

His Majesty King Bhumibol of Thailand and his family know we are the "missing landlords" of about 20% of the land and island areas of Thailand. I have the support of the family's Royal Thai Military Forces to return everything into our control.My investigsations have concluded that the network reponsible for Thailand's series of killings since 2001 is a part of the same network that caused Cambodia's Killing Fields, the associates were the criminals who stole title deeds and other documents that The Sultan Hadji Hassanal Bolkiah acquired unlawfully, his brother will confirm, in order to gain the oil rights 8% royalty on the 1971 oil field.

The more recent large offshore gas-field is also the proerty asset of Christopher Mervyn Young and Erik J C Young since as landlords we hold principle rights and ownership, the Sultanate was re-established from some years past to provide a local figure-landlord and the local population. However the Sultanate does not own the freehold property rights. We arranged for Brunei to be a British Protectorate. Any income was managed by The Crown Agents their senior representative met with Erik Young in Bangkok some years ago. We required records and refunds of all payments transfered to The Crown Agents it was our interest to decide how any funds should be distributed.


Erik J C Young

London UK

cc UBS Bank Switzerland

Dear Citizens of Brunei

The Oil Rights of Brunei have always been the property of the land lord and his family. It was determined many years ago that my brother Christopher Mervyn Young and I were to take control of the family interests across South East Asia.

Our family set up a facility to collect all income from Brunei through The Crown Agents. A disbursement would then be returned to the Sultanate which we reinstated to act as our representative to Brunei and the people.

The present "Sultan" had no authority to dismiss and cancel arrangements for The Crown Agents to collect funds on our behalf. Further he had no right to remove Brunei as a British Protectorate.

The present Sultan has defrauded our family and he acquired documents stolen from our family through a satanic network which incorporated Pol Pot who caused The Killing Fields of Cambodia.

My instruction to Brunei is that you kill the present Sultan, he is equally responsible for the genocide in Brunei and acting as the appointed head for the land lords we are dissolving his position as Sultan.

Please see you execute him, no Court hearing is necessary with immediate effect.

I am about to proceed with the recovery of funds collected by Royal Shell Oil without the land lords permission or agreement. The legal clause introduced by the "Sultan" gagging officers of the country's government department even if there information concerns a serious crime sentencing anyone who fails to keep silent to an immediate three years imprisonment is cancelled with immediate effect. Any information you wish to expose can be delivered to the United States Ambassador to Brunei.


Erik J C Young

London UK

Please help the abused children of Thailand by visiting them at [link to www.mercycentre.org] . Thank you