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Message Subject Silver Breaking out Higher
Poster Handle Jasto (OP)
Post Content
Status Check.....5 weeks

August 20th...........$28.77 ... (Dec Silver)

Sept. 27th (5:30pm)........$34.72 ... (Dec Silver)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24326290

Daily chart..........Dec. Silver

[link to www.commoditycharts.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24326290

This is precisely why i told all my loved ones and pretty much whoever would listen to buy silver all summer long at 27.50

The line in the sand was drawn there.

This dip should be bought HEAVILY....the breakout has already occurred and there's nothing left but a cat and mouse short term game, before it goes wild to the upside, imo.

With JippemMoreAgain, i mean JPMorgan's short position in jeopardy, i expect a dip here, but there are so many people who need the protection of pm's still (avg portfolio avg in retirement funds and personal wealth accts are less than 1% allocated to pm's, or close.) that the buying will produce one heckuva rocket shot up, i firmly believe. I see $50 within 90 days, and $70 to $100 within 12 months, fairly certain. After that, who knows, but several hundred dollars per ounce silver is possible for sure. No one will know its true value until JippemMoreAgain is forced to unwind their short positiion which they have been struggling with since they inherited it and took it over from back when they took over Lehman Bros. when they failed, when this whole financial crisis started. The whole main world's economic system is at risk, money is being overprinted in abundance, banks are failing but not being allowed to fail, then dumped onto taxpayers as bailout banks take even bigger bonuses.

Anyhow, besides being an outrage worthy of protest, unless you own silver coins and or gold coins, financial ruin will be here soon.

Please protect yourself NOW, folks.
Show this chart to anyone who knows how to read technical chart patterns, perform detailed analysis, and they will tell you the same, i assure you. I have been charting and analyzing for 40 years, and this is one of the easiest calls i have made.

I said the same thing in Sept 2010, and i said the same thing before that, in oct 2008.

chart patterns have been running up every two years, with a one year consolidation in between each runup. The author of this thread is correct - the one year consolidation pattern is complete, done with, obvious, and the breakout and upwards has just now begun.

According to my take, this runup will easily get us to $50 an ounce silver....and probably get resistance there, then $70 would be the next reasonable target before any big dips.
After a few battles, short term....$100 silver is in the cards.

Get yourself and your loved ones some security.



[link to stockcharts.com]
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