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Message Subject Silver Breaking out Higher
Poster Handle Jasto (OP)
Post Content
PS Position Limits which were newly put in place by new Frank-
Dodd regulations are due to go into effect Oct 12.

And that includes paper derivatives, fake hedges, futures, etc., and that includes swaps too. No more dark markets and no more being short 25% of the the worlds annual production of ounces of silver.

It will be a huge move up, by all standards and its already under way, imo.

Do your due diligence, and see for yourself!

Meanwhile the us dollar value is in a downtrend like you wouldnt believe. If you saved up $100,000 right about 10 years ago, it is only worth about $60,000 today. If you bought $100,000 of silver instead 10 yrs ago, it would be worth darn near a million dollars now.

so you get the picture, and it hasnt changed, except to worsen economically, which means even better returns are possible this time around, in the next 10 years.

GL to all,


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