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Message Subject Silver Breaking out Higher
Poster Handle Jasto (OP)
Post Content

CFTC Position Limits which were to take effect Oct 12, were just tossed out by a lone judge on a technicality.

It's insanity I tell you!

Regardless, the result is, they will try to immediately smash silver and gold down.....which willl create an artificial dip i bet, right off the bat in the morning on monday...and into early next week, MAYBE....

My opinion is...BUY IT AND BUY IT HARD< WITH ALL YOU GOT....the paper money printing has not stopped, in fact its increased with no expiration date....$20 billion more were put into circulation in the past 30 days....it's game on....this is the last chance to buy at these levels...IN MY OPINION, form your own opinion for your own self please, but I am EXCITED at the opportunity this coming week to buy silver on a possbile decent dip, for a change, to say the LEAST!



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