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In response to US temperature switch from extreme hot to very cooler temperatures on record.

No Ego
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08/21/2012 02:25 AM
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In response to US temperature switch from extreme hot to very cooler temperatures on record.
Hello All,

It is historically noted that the last "mini ice age happened in the 14th century"

Earth had a mini ice age in the years of the 14th century(1300's) Not much for record keeping back then but you can see in carbon testing and tree rings.


The temperatures get warmer and warmer before it gets COOLER!Then it gets realy cold and it will be for about 50 years...cooler. I don't know the specifics of temperature. BUT during this time it will be called a MINI ICE AGE, we will have to discover and have in place:

1. An effective means to desalinate ocean water-the current apperatus of technology will not suffice.

2. We will have to have a different energy source,such as heating and power. We will have difficulty getting oil from the ground! Why? Because it will be frozen earth!

The earth goes through a heating cycle just prior to a major cooling. There will be no pole shift but we will eventualy have only one pole instead of 2. THE END OF DUALITY!!!!

The year of the unmistakeable truth of this that I have said??? 2014.

We will be fine!!!!! NO FEAR about his..WE WILL BE FINE!!!!

2012 is not what you are hearing and fearing. It is a darn wonderful time to be in a body here and now...enjoy!

Nibiru? It will be seen when we are at that awareness. It will not Cause cataclysms. It is there waiting for us to achieve a consciousness that WE ARE SO CLOSE to achieving and WILL achieve!!!
Good day and night folks. You have nothing to fear!!

One last thng:

You will create a reality for youreself with your thoughts and emotions!! Tiska Tiska...Be careful what you think and fear..you just might create it! Thoughts are very powerful right now..Not that it is what you can do to others with your thoughts BUT TO YOURSELF!! Remenber this please!!

For those that ask me how I know this, I will not answer. This is a different IP address I normaly use. I have posted before with the same name but not logged in.

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