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The War on terror is lost

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User ID: 7292290
United States
08/22/2012 05:36 PM
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The War on terror is lost
9-11 is over grow up. stop being so stupid. I thought if we change america the terrorist win? did they win? it looks like it. Every one in this country needs big brother to hold there hands because there so scared of terrorism and scared of the lone-gun-man and crazys.... the goverment kills the most of all! wake up. Todays police state is a victory for everything unamerican. America nolonger exist. Its now the Global Corporate Empire. WW3 started on 9/11 and the United States lost, and no longer exist. WW3 is still curently going on,... weather wars soon to be hot-wars, Total War.. waged by the Globalist against the remaining free world.
why did we let america change? are we realy that afraid of terrorism?... I hope not because thats unamerican.