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Discussions, Digressions and Denunciations… Does Our Opinion Really Matter?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 22400428
08/22/2012 06:07 PM
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Discussions, Digressions and Denunciations… Does Our Opinion Really Matter?
Here are some thoughts attempting to answer the eternal question: how much can our opinion/philosophy/what have you REALLY change?

You probably noticed how many – if not most – people readily voice their opinions on all sorts of zeitgeist matters. Just as I am doing now; the question remains, however: does it really matter what we say?

If one has no clout, what is the ”net worth” of the opinion? With the advent of Facebook and other mass-social-media, people tend to think the world is listening… but really… is it? Perhaps the vast majority is seriously overestimating their influence on others, perhaps such a realization, whereby our opinion doesn’t matter to anyone but ourselves would be too traumatic to face. People tend to be touchy these days, as you undoubtedly noticed, and tactics such as ”removing someone from Facebook” are supposed to send a message.

People of action don’t even notice FB removals – unless some important contact decided to bolt.

”I removed you from Facebook,” someone tells you with a somber face.
”Really?” you reply, scratching your head. ”I didn’t notice, sorry! Was it a glitch? I’ll add you again, wait a sec!”

There you go. That’s how much such games matter if you’re not dealing with someone important. Can you imagine a better way of insulting someone? People LOVE giving opinions and HATE IT when they’re told their opinion is irrelevant. You don’t have to be blunt about it, you can play a more diplomatic game if you like.

Better yet, if you really want to piss someone off, tell them you don’t remember their name. Or last name. Make it spontaneous. Such tricks, along with the FB tactic, are much more effective than calling someone a dumb fuck. When you call someone a dumb fuck, it usually comes with emotions – when you show NO interest whatsoever, that’s what gets to people. But we digress.

Then again, perhaps all you need is one person to listen to you… someone else may need thousands, but won’t be able to reach the audience. Even if the audience is reached, however… are we talking action or ”slacktivism”, where ”liking” something on Facebook equals our contribution? Don’t you find it strange that – with estimated billions of people on this planet – we seem to be systematically ”raped” and not a damn thing seems to change? It would seem the vast majority is mentally castrated, beyond any kind of hope, a waste of time and cosmic space, chip-deserving servants of the Matrix. The powers that be knows it all too well – they are individuals with keen intellects, questioning the world, lateral thinkers, having all the keys to understanding (overstanding, even!) the human psyche.

Isn’t that a dangerous path to take – and an ideal model for TPTB to neutralize the population (the population, which – let’s face it – isn’t too bright to begin with?). Perhaps your message will lead someone ”with clout”, such as a celebrity, who will spread it far and wide. The sad truth remains: your opinion just doesn’t matter if you have no clout – or don’t know someone who’s got the clout. You can work on having the clout, of course, but until you do… you, or me, or anyone else, we’ll all be voices devoured by the unending maze of the media, lost in a maze of disinfo and corporate sharks.