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Gov dilemma in Iraqi and what we must do - God's way!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 58373
United States
01/03/2006 09:10 AM
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Gov dilemma in Iraqi and what we must do - God's way!
To The World Concerned:

Here is the way to solve the dilemma created by the American Government in Iraq:

The American government must publicly apologize for its mistake in making Iraq and its former government a scapegoat in the war on terror.

All people of Iraq must be offered unconditional freedom in the USA, where they will be perpetually provided with food, clothing, shelter, and health care for as long as they feel it is necessary for them to promote their individual and familial happiness. It's not hard to issue them food stamps, housing vouchers, put them all on Medicaid, and give them welfare benefits appropriately.

The US government must guarantee each and every Iraqi citizen safe passage to the US, and the above welfare security, making them full citizens of the USA with a constitutional guarantee that they can worship their god, practice their religion, and exercise their individual faith as they wish. This guarantee MUST be offered to all political and criminal prisoners found in violation of Iraqi law and held in custody in Iraq.

The US military can provide the transportation needs and assure that the Iraqis are settled appropriately in the USA with the above listed human needs guaranteed to them as long as they need them. This can be done properly by setting up transitional camps where the people can come immediately, register, receive protection and immediate removal for them and their families to the USA.

Allow the Iraqi people 90 days to make their choice to leave Iraq or stay behind and form their own government. Allow six months before US troops and influence is completely withdrawn.

The US government must make this guarantee and be responsible to the world for the implementation of its success, assuring each Iraqi a life in the US as all Americans are guaranteed by its constitution, with the exception that the above basic necessities are always guaranteed to them as perpetual reparations for what the US did to their country.

After all the people have left Iraq, who want to leave of their own free will and choice, the US military should release all political prisoners, who do not wish to leave Iraq, and allow the course of human nature to take hold of the Iraqi region and either build itself back up according to the nature of the region, or lead itself into its own destruction.

The cost of this effort in the saving of lives alone would be far worth the effort. However, providing the general necessities of life for the Iraqis who choose to come to the US, would be far less costly than the billions spent each week on the continual effort to bring stability to a people who are not capable of dealing with democracy due to their personal religious convictions.

The US government did not understand the Muslim mind when it believed that freedom was the desire of all people. Muslims are NOT a free people. They are held captive by their beliefs and the leaders in whom they trust. Democracy for an American will never be the same type of democracy needed by a people who trust their religion, its leaders, and its god more than they do their own hearts.

Give them their hearts. Give them their true freedom.

End this war by doing the right thing.

Do to the Iraq people what we would want done to us in the same circumstance.

The world has been given what it must do. If it doesn't listen, it's its own problem then. It has now been told.

Tiwaz Way
User ID: 46032
United States
01/03/2006 09:28 AM
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Re: Gov dilemma in Iraqi and what we must do - God's way!
Better than that, Tiwaz thinks the Iraqies should be given all the wealth of the rich oilmen like Bush and Cheney and their pals along with the rich Zionists (and they're all rich) who are behind the invasion. And then Tiwaz thinks the U.S. should turn over to the Iraqis the same set of people. And then Tiwaz thinks the U.S. should use it's military power to defend the Iraqis from the Israelies, Iranians, and anyone else that might threaten them and maybe even crush one or so of those threats. And next Tiwaz thinks the government should draft all those Americans who've been supporting this invasion with their mouths but other peoples bodies into the U.S. army and marines Tiwaz would have defending Iraq or make them become street sweepers for the next ten years.