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Neo West Nile: Obama's Epidemic

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United States
08/23/2012 05:37 AM
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Neo West Nile: Obama's Epidemic
Neo West Nile: Obama's Epidemic

Fascinating write up by LC. They are correct, the timing of the outbreak is way off...

[link to lamecherry.blogspot.com]

Long ago this blog did monumental work in exposing the West Nile biological attack upon these United States, which stemmed from the German biological labratories, of one Saddam Hussein, who weaponized this virus.

This was not something which caused surprise in these United States, as there was a concerted push for a human vaccine for West Nile the year before this virus erupted in America by New York University, which for those who do not know such information, is run by the Rockefeller elite or the new world order.

Ask yourself why the Rockefellers were researching the year before the virus showed upon America as an epidemic and you start figuring out what West Nile was, in the first biological attack upon America.

I have absolute information on this weaponized West Nile which few have, and it dovetails into the mass of biological scientists who were sanctioned IE, murdered in that era, in the year before West Nile was supposedly in these United States, my horse, a palomino, I trained and rode for years on a ranch, started exhibiting strange shifting on it's back legs in the spring, and then all of a sudden got better, and within a month, I noted him in the corral looking God awful in his coat was rough suddenly, and that same shift stomping in the hindquarters.
Within 12 hours, we had to put him down with a shot of synthetic morphine killing him, but the vet has no answer other than perhaps an artery broke in his rear section.

Link to the complete blog article above.