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Astrophysics Secrets Of Vatican Astrology Astronomy Prisoner Gallileo

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 11004099
United States
08/23/2012 06:31 PM
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Astrophysics Secrets Of Vatican Astrology Astronomy Prisoner Gallileo
Vatican astrology studies perpetuated astronomy studies into astrophysics studies to astroparticlephysics:

[link to conceptactivityresearchvault.wordpress.com]

Geoastroparticlephysics appears to have financially driven man's greed to war, throughout war-time experiments and out-of war back in-to private-sector greed that will surely see that entire cycle repeatedly intensified:

[link to conceptactivityresearchvault.wordpress.com]

To minimize exposure of highly secret government physics experiments, mainstream news media reports were carefully guided by government agencies such as NASA's Space.Com and others always being used to more carefully present 'soft sale science, energy and technology discoveries' so that no negative characterizations will link back to human cloning and genome experimental studies threatening traditional 'evolutionary' societal religious belief systems, which is why Vatican advisors from The Club of Rome are consulted and used by the United States government on secret aerospace projects.

Geoastrophysics studies, of Earth-laden astroparticles broke a barrier the mainstream news media only lightly reported:

[link to conceptactivityresearchvault.wordpress.com]

Geoastroparticlephysics 'element properties' were recently discovered as possessing up to fourteen ( 14 ) dimensions, where once thought to be untapped, new energy planes exist:

[link to conceptactivityresearchvault.wordpress.com]

Years ago, official contract documents clearly prove, the U.S. government contracted private-sector RAND CORPORATION to specifically study ( publicly spy on ) 'certain foreign scholastic studies' surrounding "anti-matter particle element properties."

A multi-national government 'secret-sensitive' efforted Program Sub-Project requirement ( need ) saw the U.S. government highly classify - "COSMIC" ( also known as ) "COSMOPOLITAN" - its "evolved dimensional energetic propulsion system" that secretly contracted 'initially use' of the Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) at CERN ( Geneva, Switzerland ) to "produce and harvest various supply amount quantities of antimatter hydrogen element property dimensional energy."

In 2008, a U.S. Patent filed on behalf of the RAYTHEON CORPORATION, revealed a 'semi-detailed description' plus 'diagrammatic images' of an "antihydrogen containment tank" designed for the purpose of 'physically moving the harvested supply of extradimensional energetics' ( weighing 'far less than a single Kleemex tissue' ) off-of planet Earth, which was conducted about the time the second ( 2nd ) Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer ( AMS-02 ) was moved from Europe to America and later affixed out-board the International Space Station ( IMS )

Studies in 'element properties' and 'dimensional energetics'' have been officially documented, however never tied directly into the super secret U.S. government spacecraft propulsion system with evidence, like this:

[link to www.ashtarcommandcrew.net]

Does the U.S. government think everyone on the planet is oblivious to 'what', 'where' and 'why' it's done this?

Taxpayers should withold all funds for any further exploration without advanced complete and truthful public disclosure, however such a notion is absolutely ludicrous given the way society has been enslaved.

- RE