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The unbridled truth of our origins. Enter. Truth seekers.

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08/23/2012 11:06 PM
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The unbridled truth of our origins. Enter. Truth seekers.
The Dawn of Sumer.

The first great city of the Human species.

The Darwinian paradigm of simplicity, which
leads to ever more complexity, states that we
should be crawling out of the caves on bloody
hands and knees thousands of years ago. This
doesn't appear to be the case... We come sailing
out and build lavish cities. 1000's of world
firsts... First high-rise buildings, walls,
roads, wheeled vehicles, ocean going vessels,
agriculture, animal husbandry, laws, education,
schools, court systems, and the only one mainstream
gives them credit for which is literature.

We are all taught we come from the Egyptians, Greeks,
and Romans. It is clear they are all byproducts
of Sumer. We are only told the people of Sumer
invent writing, and case closed. They never speak
or teach about the things they wrote, or how
sophisticated they really were, because it doesn't
fit the current model of our progression of
intelligence. Even though things like their decimal
system called Sexsadecimal, is clearly more advanced
than the Dewey when dealing with very large and small

So in the late 1800's when we were translating
what these guys had to say, the "myth" pile had
gotten larger and larger. A man named Zechariah
Sitchin, who we all know went about his work in an
all or nothing fashion asked the great question...

"Who hands the myth to the first civilization"

In the 50's he jumped into the myth pile and published
a dozen books labeled the Earth Chronicles Series.

For all of you who just seen the name Sitchin, and
have your paste of the link sitchiniswrong.com
ready to post, I humbly request you provide yourself
an opportunity for advancement, and at least read
what I have to say before jumping to conclusions.

Lloyd Pye's Defense Of Sitchin.

Anyone who says Zecharia Sitchin is a fraud or mistaken in his translations of Sumerian texts, or anything in that vein, is busily grinding a heavily worn axe. They base all of their complaints on the fact that in certain key areas of the Sumerian writings, he deviates markedly from the "classical" translations, the vast majority of which were completed before 1947, before the terms "UFO" or "alien" came into common usage.

When the early translators came upon passages that could have been and should have been interpreted the way Sitchin interpreted them, they had no conceivable frame of reference for such terminology. Thus, they shoehorned it to fit into their own restricted world views, and because this nonsense was created by "experts" of that time, modern experts have inevitably been brainwashed by their education process to believe that no other translation is needed, much less preferable.

This intellectual claptrap has become established as the "preferred" and "accepted" translations that critics claim Stichin should have respected and stuck with in the way they are obligated to do. Sitchin rightly jettisoned the nonsense and translated the texts more like they were actually written, calling an alien an alien, so to speak, and this gross offense to modern academic sensibilities is what classic scholars considera sacrilege to their mindset.

I have no doubt that, in the fullness of time, historians will consider Zecharia Sitchin vastly more correct than any mainstream pundit in alive at this moment. Why? Because modern scholars endure years of intense training to consider the work of prior scholars sancrosanct, which turns out a virtual army of close-minded sycophants who, ultimately, will be dismissed as the laughable fools they are.

That being said, today we will go over the origins
of life from the Sumerian perspective. They have
many things they wrote about, but their story of
our cosmology at around 4 billion years ago is very
interesting to say the least. They had our Solar
system documented with Pluto as a moon of Saturn,
A planet called Tiamat in the asteroid belt area,
and the big no-no of shills everywhere, Nibiru,
who is captured by the sun in an elliptical 3600 year
clockwise orbit like a comet.

The Enuma E'Lish. The 6 tablets of action, 1 tablet
of summation,(Taken by many as the 6 days of creation
and the one day of rest) plausibly answers at least
a half of dozen great mysteries surrounding our cosmogony.

A planet going clockwise opposed to our counterclockwise
neighborhood has the potential of some serious Doom
folks. Although they describe Nibiru knocking into
Tiamat at one point in time, its last several passings
have been further and further away. So no I don't side
with the Nibiru Doom gang, but I am going to say that
the collision itself answers a lot of questions surrounding
modern astronomy and Earth geology.

In the collision of planets Nibiru and Tiamat, Nibiru
due to it being, colder, larger, and older, it held
itself together. Meanwhile Tiamat was torn in half, but not
completely obliterated. Just cracked open like an eggshell.

Those very few moments answers several of the most
puzzling questions known to man.

The asteroid belt. Volumes of inner viscous magma seeped
out and established what the Sumerians called the "hammered
bracelet" and Tiamat having been illustrated being
originally positioned in the crux of the asteroid belt,
we can simply postulate the collision knocked it into
a new orbit, leaving all the magma to cool and solidify
into what we know call the asteroid belt.

Comets. In a linear solar system, where the
primordial cloud of dust and gas flattens out into
a pancake, comets have no right to come from all over
the place. Mainstreamers may speak of the Oort cloud,
but that is the biggest joke, because comets are made
of water. You don't make water in the middle of a vacuum.
You make water being a cooling planet. The collision
described in the epic answers how they were removed
out into the solar system.

Tectonic plates. The lighter outer crust being
torn off, and half of the planet oozing out its bowels,
we all know what happens to liquids in a vacuum. It makes
the smallest tightest ball it can. So you now hopefully
have a new perspective on why we have moving plates, just
imagine the Earth not completely solidified from the
initial collision around 4 billion years ago.

Pluto. You all heard we're downgrading the planetoid.
It also shares the same fate of comets, it is 17 degrees
off of the ecliptic. NOTHING should be off of the ecliptic.
The Epic illustrated Pluto being a moon of Saturn, till
it was whisked away during Nibiru's approach to the inner
solar system.

And Life. They state in the mingling of the waters,
Nibiru passed life to Tiamat. Our accepted theory of
the origins of life on this planet are just malarkey.

Experts insist that somehow, someway, those
original molecules managed to spontaneously
reassemble into ever more complex molecules
that somehow, someway, formed themselves
into the single cells of the earliest life forms.

The fact that spontaneous self-assembly into
complex molecules does not happen now, nor
can it be forced to happen in coherent patterns
in the most sophisticated laboratories on Earth,
should be an indication that this theory, like the
gravity-based one of cosmologists, needs work.
British astrophysicist Fred Hoyle summed up
the problem neatly when he said the likelihood
of a lightning bolt striking water to assemble
simple molecules into a life form was equal to
the likelihood of a tornado sweeping through a
junkyard and correctly assembling a jetliner.
If I told you everything I am about to say is a lie. Is it truth or a lie?

I built the wrench necessary to bolt the 3 stage capping process on the spill. My tolerances were not overlooked.

"Tattered banners, and bloody flags... The mist of Odin sweeps it all."