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Message Subject Disarm ALL Americans NOW!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Have fun staying in Canada!
 Quoting: SkepticalTexan

There are many places to visit OTHER than the US...i think i will spend my hard earned money in EUROPE this time...probably the UK where the police dont even carry guns!

The recent shootings prove my point that citizens of the us CANNOT be trusted with deadly weapons.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22523526

Uh, you make my point, over and over and over and over and FUCKING OVER: Gun Free Zones Kill People.

You do know that guns are illegal to possess in Chicago, right? It is of of the most restrictive cities in the USA when it comes to guns.

The fact is, gun free zones in the USA are DANGER ZONES because Cops and other criminals murder with impunity those who have no weapons for self defense.

You pull a drive by in my state and some CCW will pull out his weapon and empty it into your forehead. When you take the guns away, you take them away from THE WRONG PEOPLE.

Personally, I refuse to visit any city or any state that is not Gun Friendly. If you study crime stats, you'll find that the crime rate is MAGNITUDES (Like -x20) lower in Gun Friendly States.

It is fascinating to me that people who know nothing about crime or guns start spouting off about crime and guns. Fuck you Canuck. You're an ignorant asswipe and Europe deserves you. Actually, they NEED you money, we don't. Since they're completely broke and some of us here in the USA are not.

Oh, also, another interesting comparison: the most financially raped and bankrupt areas are also the ones with the highest crime rates and the most restrictive gun laws.

People that don't like guns: fuck all of you! You're idiots and you deserve your chains, your victims and your financial instability.

Just look at it: 99.9% of all mass shootings occur in "Gun Free Zones". Shove that up your Canadian ass and suck on it a while.

More Guns, Less Crime by John Lott, Jr. will open your eyes. It did mine. I realized that what the world had done was lie to me since birth about guns, crime and self defense. I bet there are no drive by shootings in Kennesaw, Georgia.
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