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Message Subject Disarm ALL Americans NOW!!!
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You are a retard, yes it was up, stil nowhere near yours:

England and Wales 0.46, USA 10.27 per 100,000 (thats just deaths, not injured, not accidents, deaths).

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

What an idiot you are.
 Quoting: Zen Mistress

Our Government is a lot more corrupt than yours.
We are taxed more than you and get less for it.
The average taxpayer is treated like a criminal by the IRS, DHS, TSA down to our thug police while the illegal aliens that should not be here in the first place are granted more rights than the citizens.

Last year alone the states and government added 60,000 new laws to the books and citizens are told that ignorance of the law is no excuse.

They poison our air, they poison our water, they feed us GMO poison food and make sure we have no right to know its GMO.

Are you really surprised given all this a greater percentage of americans blow a microchip?.

As for this current school shooting.
It was so obviously staged.
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