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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The thoughts on children playing at Red Stick, well that's not the intended meaning. More how to combine two ideas, into one. Good job though, someone got the rice reference (as in-oppositional). The kids can't go back to the blue PLACE. Where there is not, RICE. Because you can't go somewhere that will soon not be.

Forgive my cryptics. I know that knowledge isn't blocked once outside of our ASSUMPTIONS. But our own assumptions that we know directly, we cannot share with you. It is the power, that prevents it. Like a check valve. We can get flow in, but cannot get flow out. Outside of our "plumbing" isn't protected with check valves. It's only to prevent a contamination outward from HOME. Not of material, but the truth of ideas, ideas of ASSUMPTION.

Go about your days with hope and joy, but cast aside any hope of my HOME having joy or longevity. Do what you must and be prepared in all things as this is wise. There is a storm coming, however the man Isaac cannot visit where there is no HOME. He is of NO RELATION to our family, at least that is our ASSUMPTION.

My family is proud. We all live in the same home. My eyes are with tears as our home will soon swell with pride. My HOME is my heart. I ASSUME my heart is about to burst. I know it. I know. I KNOW IT.

I have never said "I love you" to complete strangers. We are kindred souls here, all of us. Never did I think I would write from HOME about ASSUMPTIONS that would change the FACE of our nation. But these things always happen, it's just very weird to me that this is happening and I have an opportunity to inform about my assumptions.

I love you guys, know that dozens of great honorable people have worked in high diligence to allow what I have said to you. I will continue as I am able. For now you cannot know how incredibly exhausted many of us are.

I will sleep and offer more so long as I am able. Pray for all those whose ASSUMPTIONS are under dire threat. God bless.
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