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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Seems the Love Boat's bartender may be coming after all. This wasn't expected and can only complicate. At this time it would be more difficult than when the barkeep's sister showed up with The Waves. No walking on sunshine this week.

Folks are remarkably in good spirits. My knowledge is direct as I am in the flow of the highway. There are many kinds of highways. Information is key. If I avoid roadblocks I can still navigate. So far the road crews who are trusted on this highway have patched the potholes. Running out of asphalt.

Again, the physical is NOT constrained at all. Why would there be a need if there is nothing to make known? The things that cause anguish among us loyal Protectors of the Home and Highway are kept close. Like a burrito, only the cook really knows what's inside. We consider ourselves Colenol Sanders, trying to freely give away the recipe because the RESTAURANT is corrupted. Yes, we risk losing our cook and SERVER positions, but by doing so many more in the days to come might be able to eat.

So, no, freedom is still free. But the continued damage to our Assumptions carries on. Maybe it's poetic justice that progress is only made, historically, when Assumptions are challenged.

Nevertheless.... All Assumptions are eventually thrown down. The force of nature ultimately prevails. You cannot fool mother nature. And mama is pissed. What will be, will be, and what will NOT be, will not be. There are excellent minds who have pretty much figured this out, kudos to you!

There will be no further talking from Home, the truth is out, and you here helped. Nothing to be done! Just be aware, and prepare. That is the reason. I leave now.

To the members of the band....I just love love Twisted Transistor, by you, Korn!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17872684

OP coming from a different IP ?
Thanks, it makes a bit more sense.
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