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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle anabel
Post Content
Okay, wow, that was a lot of reading. Here's what I came up with from reading the OP and also some of the really good posts be GLP'ers.....

The OP will never (WILL, so, not yet) go back To Bayou Corne. He is a deputy of some type, and his superiors have information but won't share it with the outside world or even the Assumption Parrish residents. There are members of those "in the know" who found a workaround to avoid censoring that is taking place from WITHIN Bayou Corne/Assumption Parrish - in other words, info can get IN but it's being censored before it can get OUT.

This must be the reason for the confusing/cryptical writing. By not combining certain words or phrases, OP is getting around the internet censor programs that prevent data from being leaked OUT of the area. Pretty smart move. OP is apparently getting help from others in this endeavor.
OP says things will get worse with the situation there.

Assumption Parrish is his home, but soon he won't be able to go back there. Others danced around the meaning but OP tried to hint that we needed to COMBINE two thoughts - BAYOU, and CORN (Corne). Opposite to RICE. So, Bayou Corne. OP says the kids can't go back to where there won't be something to go back to. Not good.

OP stated that Isaac had nothing to do with this issue but later stated that the hurricane may in fact end up complicating things. This is not the primary danger however, but can make it worse. But OP also stated Isaac can't come where there is no HOME (Bayou Corne, OP's home). So this might mean something is very, very imminent.
OP's home (Bayou Corne) is his heart and his heart is about to burst and he KNOWS it.

This might mean that OP has direct knowledge of a catastrophic failure of the Butane dome that can't be stopped. OP repeatedly says WILL happen and HOME will not be there. I think this is what OP means. Changing the face of the nation means the coastline/borders of the land mass of the U.S. will be changed drastically - this is in line with the science of what is possible with the butane dome if it pops. This is frightening.

OP said he and others were exhausted. I would imagine all emergency personell in the area are under close surveillance and it might be that OP and others who are attempting to warn/inform are doing so on their "off-shift" time.

OP says in last post that Isaac is coming, and they didn't expect that, meaning it's a SECONDARY issue, not the main one. OP also says the locals are not being kept from leaving and that they are unaware of the "TRUE" danger and severity of the problem. But the censors are in place nevertheless in case some info is leaked.

OP is saying that only those close to the actual working dynamics of the problem are fully aware of what is really going on. OP seems to also say that they want the "recipe" or the truth to get out because the RESTAURANT (government officials) are corrupt, I can only assume that OP means that keeping something this important from the locals first and the state/nation second is immoral and corrupt. My theory anyway.

OP stated they had made their last post, I gather from this that the peices of what OP wanted to be known have been guessed by one or many of us. I have peiced together this theory from my own judgements of what OP stated and the assessment of other GLP'ers.

At the end, OP states "By You, Korn" in relation to the song Twisted Transistor as the OP stated. Twisted Transistor, the song title, probably means some official bandwidth is scrambled/encoded.

OP's last sentence ended with "Bayou Corne".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1461956

great analysis. pretty much what i figured what going on and was likely to go down. quite chilling.
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