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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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So it caught my attention on Sunday morning that this topic was pinned. I was fascinated reading page after page. Then after about twenty pages it hit me that this was month old information. It occurred to me "why is this being pinned today?". Went about my business and checked in later to find that it was no longer pinned.

If everything stays the same then no sinkholes would ever occur.

If something is vented in one area then like a balloon another area will deflate. Something is going on in the gulf and I don't think anybody has really hit the nail on the head yet. Probably has something to do with a dome of pressure building up from the bp disaster. Maybe the free flow from the blowout opened a channel that didn't exist before and now that the well itself is capped the ocean floor is rising?

My opinion is that all the synthia and corexit talk is a distraction or another topic altogether. I think we need to sty focused on the pressures and the final result of the moving pressures.

Nobody likes to be told that they only have a short time to live. People always fight it and tptb don't want a fight.
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And also....synthia.
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