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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle siniXster
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Ok, I am going to stick to the medical since that is what I seem to know best right now.

1. There have already been two types of fungi that have been identified among the sick/deceased. Aspergillus and Exserohilum-both of these fungi are found in back yards -- Exserohilum can cause leaf spot but it's also been known to cause skin and sinus infections. Aspergillus causes lung infections in cancer, HIV and other patients with suppressed immune systems (think steroids)

2. The drugs at fault were made in what are called compound pharmacies. These facilities are not FDA regulated. Reason being, they take manufactured drugs and mix them with other compounds (at the sole discretion of the pharmacist) to create a 'new' drug. This 'new' drug is not required to be tested by the FDA for safety and if you do a google search you will see that ill effects from compound drugs are widespread.

3. These compound pharmacies often do their 'mixing' at the back room kitchen sink. While they do have state regulations to follow, contamination is more frequent than what you see from FDA regulated facilities. (one of the fungi identified is common and found on bread)

4.Protocol for patients admitted depend on presenting symptoms. (broad spectrum antibiotics are often given to patients suspected of having an infection-think killing off good and bad bacteria allows fungus to flourish) Fungus takes longer to grow as a collected specimen than bacteria, hence why the delay in getting the proper medication to the patients, as well as why it is taking so long for patients to present with symptoms. ( even fungi growing in spinal fluid will take a while to flourish and release its toxins)

The perfect storm was created. No drug regulation, contamination, misunderstood diagnosis and possible incorrect treatment upon presented symptoms.

As far as dawgs saying that this ties in and does not seem to be meningitis, well they are going to have to cough up some clues to back that up. So far, it appears, just as we are being told by the CDC. Just my two cents.
 Quoting: Wild1 24752810

The question begs to be asked: WHERE DID The New England Compounding Center get its stock from!!!! It's not their fault that they were suppled with a contaminated base product. Compounding pharmacies are important because they will provide products that you can't get. Like bio-identical hormones.

If regulation is such a great thing then why is the major cause of death in the united states from doctors and pharmaceutical products?

The same ploy is being used to destroy people's access to herbal supplements and vitamins - eww! " They aren't regulated as much as pharmaceuticals" Yet 200,000 people die from properly prescribed pharmaceuticals and regulations haven't stopped those deaths. So quit pushing the party line. They don't use the "kitchen sink" so don't put that mental image in peoples mind.

Sorry for straying off topic. I get frothy at the mouth when the "No Drug Regulation" BS is flung around like so much dog feces. The point is where did NECC get its base stock from.
 Quoting: Lurker 811594

The steroid they were using in the injections was depomedrol(common name) and in my research yesterday on the generic form which I can't remember at the moment...I noticed that most of the suppliers where from China but that doesn't mean that where they got their...
 Quoting: littlemiracles

I have a 20yr med career in my dossier, most of that in the laboratory as well as working closely with many drug reps and big pharma directly and I have friends that work on the production end. There is no way that large of a lot of tainted drugs would have shipped out w/out it being caught very quickly. The percentage of QA samples taken from each lot produced would have caught the tainted lot's very early on. This was either allowed to be shipped or it's a total cover story for something else entirely.
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