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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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today on the way home from work I got off at my local exit where its a junction that goes either to mobile al. or you can cut through and get on highway 5 that takes you onto 82 south into montgomery. several competing gas stations at this exit. As i turned off the ramp onto the road I happened to notice these two LARGE white buses....and then I saw it FEMA on the side. I have never seen such fancy buses. I made the loop went through the parking lot and photographed them. It is odd. We havent had FEMA here since the april 27 tornado last year. Even then I never saw this type of bus. They were parked in the back where the larger trucks fuel up. may be nothing just extremely out of place. coupled with the 18 wheelers traveling military equipment down south prior to me getting off the exit. one sand colored tank. two jungle camo rocket launch type trucks. I see military equipment moving south on a daily basis. yeah yeah.....fort rucker bla bla.not buying it. let the shills begin.
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