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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle alexisj9
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[link to www.dotandcalm.com]

In that long piece I linked at the beginning, one of the scientists quoted in one of the articles said that there were projects in the works for bioweaponry that included organisms that would eat polyeurethanes (coatings on airplanes and ships among other things) as well as metal, hydrocarbons, radioactive waste, etc. In other words, they've been making all kinds of nasties...and we have no idea which ones they used in the GoM. But I remember vids that were linked on the bezerk thread that said whatever was in the gulf was eating away at the hulls of the ships and the ROVs.

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Anyone remember this from feb this year, I was trying to research what other product may have been used in the gulf and this plastic eating fungus jumped into my head.

[link to www.popsci.com]

To the multitude of arguments for protecting rainforest biodiversity, here’s a new addition: An Amazonian fungus could eat our most durable landfill waste. A group of students from Yale found the fungus during an expedition to Ecuador and learned it breaks down polyurethane.
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