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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle TeamReaper
Post Content
CSS Assessment for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Page 41 (traveled 2 miles in 2 days):
[link to co2conference.net]

Starting to think there is an issue with a nearby coalbed methane that is effecting the salt cavern.
[link to www.searchanddiscovery.com]
 Quoting: TeamReaper

Did you say coal bed?

I knew they had shale there that they frack for methane, wasn't aware they were doing anything with coal. You got me thinking of that alight bit in one of the Dawg posts.
 Quoting: alexisj9

Yep, coalbed methane (cbm) or called coal seam gas (CSG). the use horizontal wells. just read how they get it!

St Marys Parish
(just west of assumption)
"The venture into coalbed methane was now in the development stage and on the verge of beginning production. Moreover, the company expected to soon receive 3-D seismic data on its original 25,000 acres in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana, which during its history had already produced some 200 million barrels of oil and 3.5 TCF of natural gas"
[link to www.fundinguniverse.com]

Page 15:
[link to usoga.com]

Shell Oil
"And our partnership is now extending beyond China’s shores. Together, we have purchased Arrow Energy, an Australian gas company, in a $3.2 billion deal. The joint venture plans to convert coal bed methane – an abundant unconventional gas source – to LNG for export to China"
[link to www.shell.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22030141

Sorry wasnt logged in earlier.

wonder if one of these coalbed methane drill rigs didnt hit the salt cavern (or get really close, which led to the failure of) when the where drilling horizontal. they intentional "fracture" to get to the methane

Would explain where the water went and where the methane that is bubbling everywhere came from.

video of how they drill (horizontal):
[link to article.wn.com]

Coalbed Methane: Louisiana’s Unexplored Energy Resource
[link to www.searchanddiscovery.com]
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