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Message Subject Don't make ASSUMPTIONS; try to Understand.
Poster Handle Lurker
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"This whole thing is so unreal. Seriously. for one thing to know that cindy is aspergillus based then to have a menengitus outbreak that is aspergillus based, then to see how someone linked the zombie outbreak as being aspergillus based and then you have to say at this point where there is smoke there is fire. Why now? This pharmacy must have made thousands of compounded prescriptions. Why all of a sudden this? And aspergillus at that? And probably from China? (think all the past recalls of china made products)."

Thanks for putting that all together, I would have missed it. Could be the missing link. sk
 Quoting: seeker2

I don't know if this is relevant, but my sister works midnight shift at a pharmacy chain in Georgia. She was telling me that the number of sick people coming in at all hours of the night to buy arm loads of over the counter medicines is freaking her out. (I had not said a word about this thread to her.) She said at 1:00 in the morning people are stumbling in to find something, anything to help them feel better.

There was a police officer who came in saturday night with an open sore on his arm, he said he'd gone to the doctors and the doctor just said it looked like a recluse spider bite. Gave him an antibiotic shot and sent him on his way. He told her it hurt something fierce and that he wanted some kind of ointment to make the pain go away.

She said that she just took his word for it until the two sisters came in last night (sunday)with the same type of oozing sores on their faces and arms. They both also complained of terrible sinus infections, coughing, and body pain. She said if they must have gotten bit by a fricken nest of recluse spiders - if that indeed what it was. She said screw the damn anti-bacteral soaps! She wants rubber gloves and masks from now on at the front counter. Neither had been to the doctor.

I told her about the Blue Flu simptoms and gave her some links to go look it up. She has got a raging sinus infection of her own plus a bout of pink-eye that set in Saturday night.

At this point I don't know what to think. God it's like something out of a horror movie. I'm praying that it is just a typical flu outbreak because the alternative makes me want to throw up.

Please don't think me a fear monger. It's just something to think about. If there is something to all this crap that's being discussed then clinics, drug stores, and the like will be at the front lines.
 Quoting: Lurker 811594

The painful "brown recluse bit" is MRSA. Treated with Bactrim.
 Quoting: Let Freedom Ring

I don't know if she'll see the officer again, but it's a good to know thing. Thank you. I'll pass it on should she encounter the situation again. I will be interested in what she has to say as time goes on.
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